Monday, December 26, 2011

First Day After Christmas-Tip #1

Pets and tinsel.

If your tinsel disappears, don't fret. You will see it again.

But it won't be shiny.


  1. Tinsel can be deadly to pets, cats especially. I don't put tinsel on my trees anymore after reading some terrible stories about animals who ate tinsel and did not survive the experience. I work at a vet and that's one of the 101 things to avoid. So if the puke it up or poop it out count yourself lucky :)

  2. @Alex

    True. As well as mistletoe, chocolate, and poinsettia (maybe). This actually happened to a dog about 15 yrs ago but is still true. I don't use tinsel for the above reason.

    And because it crawls off the tree and hides. I find it in July behind the coffee maker.

  3. I stopped using tinsel when my kids were little and never started again when they got older. I do like how it looks, on other people's trees. Great tip.

  4. We have two rescued sparrows who fly free in the house. The younger one decided it would be fun to remove ornaments from the tree this year. The tinkle of bells in our house is a sparrow, not Santa.

  5. Huntress, I did not know tinsel had a mind of its own. Another good reason to stay away from the stuff :)


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