Thursday, July 14, 2011

Two Memes and a Half Dozen Questions

Sure, I’ll play. But I brought my own ball, okay?

Anita and Caitlin mind-melded and hit slapped smacked clobbered anointed me with two Memes (srsly? It rhymes with ‘cream’?).

Anita is author AG Howard, represented by Jenny Bent of The Bent Agency. Her excellent book trailer for Splintered attracted my attention several months ago. Click here to see it.

Caitlin is simply one of the loveliest people in the blogosphere, a welcome visitor and creative writer. Her blog is follow-worthy, a treat that I enjoy like chocolate (I just can’t get enough!).

Okay, mushy stuff is over.

My motto (well, one of my mottos) is to not only color outside the lines but on a different page entirely.


My flavor of questions:

Who is your current crush?
It’s Warren Christie on the Scifi channel Alphas, the newest stud muffin on the planet.

Latest flower photo but not my wallpaper?

Last time you ate a vine-ripened tomato?
Ssssssssssssoooooooooon. Very soon. They are acquiring a light blush. I have to slap my hand away constantly.

All time Fave Song?
No question. Inna-gadda-da-vita by Iron Butterfly. Debate is futile.

What is the weirdest/most disgusting job you’ve ever had to do?
Our sewer pipe clogged. At the end. I cleaned it out.

Have you witnessed a moonrise?
Yes. It was a full moon and exceptionally eerie, like the appearance of something alien over the horizon.

What author introduced you to your genre?
In my long-ago youth, I read The Forgotten Door by Alexander Key, a YA sci-fi/fantasy novel.

Now to hit slap smack clobber anoint a few of my peers:

Charity. Ah, you knew it would happen sooner or later

David Jace. He has incredibly good taste in music. Maybe a little Shinedown??

Elizabeth. She is passionate about her writing and it comes through in her blog.

Donna. Making her mark in the world of writing.

Brooke. A consistent commenter and proficient in all things writing.

L.Blankenship. Writer of hard sci-fi. Nuff said.

Summertime is a busy season with reunions, vacations, and baseball. So (yes, Charity. I do use the word occasionally) no need for the above recipients to respond in kind with a Meme (cream?!). Unless you want to :)


  1. Unclogging a sewer pipe is digusting!

  2. Such kind words :) Thank you! I'm so glad my blog is a treat for you.

    I love your motto, by the way. And applaud you on the sewer pipe job - that takes some fortitude.

  3. LOL, I'm never going to live down the "so" thing am I?

    Loved the questions you asked and answered. Sewer pipe? You really are talented! My tomatoes are getting close too and I can't wait. My Granny always had fresh tomatoes for me that she peeled. They are so good with pinto beans and cornbread. Yeah, I really am a Southern Girl at heart. ;)

    Does this mean I get to make up my own questions too?

  4. excellent! I love learning more about my bloggie buds. And while I don't know Caitlin, I DO know Anita, so if she's half as nice, she's a dear~ :o)

    the part about the sewer pipe... ewwww.... :p

  5. @Alex
    Initially, I took tentative chips at the frozen, um, stuff with an axe but after it splattered my face, I figured, WTH and began taking mighty swings at the crap.
    It wasn't the last time I had to do it, btw. Check my archives for the final solution to our sewer problem, March 25, 2010.
    @ Caitlin
    Your blog is the treat.
    Sure, come up with your own questions. So long as there is no cussing.
    Anita is one of my faves also :)

  6. Haha! You rebel, you. Your new questions are most excellent. And thanks for that super awesome screen size plug for my trailer! WOW. Glad you took the meme to a whole new level. You're totally getting tweeted for this. :)

  7. I love me a rebel! Oh look, Anita said the same thing! :D

    That flower pic is gorgeous. I'm sorry about the clogged sewer pipe--that's gross.

  8. LOL, I'm never going to live that down am I?


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