Monday, July 4, 2011

Have a Laugh, Take Two...

…they’re small.

Imagine this scenario:

We wake up in the back seat of a police cruiser. The emergency lights are flashing.

What are the first four words you say to me?

Copy and paste the above situation and post on your blog so I can get back at you return the favor and meet your followers. Remember, only four words.
Take time to have a laugh!

Happy Independence Day!


  1. Okay, so how many of you people blogged this sceniaro? Lets see a show of guts, I mean hands.

    Oh, NONE? cowards.

    @ Matthew
    Is that paint maybe?

    @ Alex
    Why are you naked?

    Your antennas are showing

    Why the shovel anyway?

    Mom turned us in!


Your Turn. Don't Be Shy

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