Wednesday, July 6, 2011

The Difference Between a Mechanic and a Writer

What do you see in this photo? (Btw, for the eddi-cation of my city friends, that is a bale spike at the end)

A mechanic sees a tractor about to be serviced.  Raising the lift-arm makes it easier to access the oil filter and hoses along the body of the engine.

Makes sense, right?

What does a writer see?

Come one, what’s the first thing you thought of?

I’ll give you a better look.

Yeah, I know you want to say it. Go ahead.

Rude gesture, right?


And THAT, my dear children is the difference between my hubby and me.


  1. I thought it had come to life and was preparing to attack... images of a horrible movie called Maximum Overdrive flashed through my head.
    Oh. The finger. Crap, missed that.

  2. Haha! It reminded me a little of a mechanized scorpian ... something that would fit in the steampunk novel that's spinning in my brain of late.

  3. LOL, that is hilarious! Probably the same difference my hubby and I would see as well. Except he's not mechanically inclined at all. Hmm...

  4. @Cherie
    The neighbors could hear ME laughing when I saw the tractor.WRITER!

    @ Alex
    You see a Transformers-type critter about to tear into the unsuspecting populace.

    You see a steampunk monster straight from the bowels of the noisy workshop of some evil genius.WRITER

    @ Charity
    I bet he might wonder 'why the tractor is positioned like that?' (NORMAL PERSON) but not, 'why is that tractor giving the world the finger?'. WRITER.

  5. I agree with you there! My hubby would have thought the same exact thing.

  6. Oh, my. I just spat my coffee out. Too funny!

    Ellie Garratt


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