Monday, November 22, 2010

Mangled Manuscript Monday

Blogger Award
Julie Eshbaugh puts new meaning to Pay It Forward.
This community of writers amazes me. Their commitment to help and give the occasional pat on the back – especially timely for me today – gives me the impetus to continue. Truly, it is astonishing.
Julie is one of those writers who give their valuable, non-existent time to help and instruct writers. She is agented with Natalie Fischer of the Sandra Dijkstra Literary and currently her novel FIREFLY is on submission to publishers. She contributes to the blog Let The Words Flow and is a freelance editor in her imaginary spare time.
With gratitude, I accept the Beautiful Blogger award and use this honor to Share the Wealth. But first, because I am accepting the award, I must share seven things about myself.
Whoa, What?!
**dramatic sigh** Okaaaaaaaaaaaaay.
Seven things about me: As a speed-reader, I inhale books, collect old books, and saw the ocean only once. I am a dead shot with a rock (ask the husband, long story), love the colors maroon, dark blue, and ivory together. Like winter and hate summer.
Sharing this award are these outstanding bloggers.
Charity is incredible with tips for all writers, whether for life or their trade.
Marcy is my inspiration. I can’t keep up with her. If I need that virtual pat on the back, she is there for me.
Magan. Fantastic site with a picture that makes me laugh every time I see it. Go on; ask her what she is doing.
Karen. Love this lady and her diligence to her craft.
Seeking the write life. Aimee has vital information to aid our writerly ambitions.
Michael is an inspiration with his recent acquisition of an agent.
Bookshelf muse. Need just the right word? Phrase? Here is where you go.
Pay It Forward has new meaning in the realm of the writerly


  1. Thank you so much Heather. I'll add you to my award link page and post my seven things after Nano.

    You know, you're pretty good at encouragement at the right time too.

  2. Thanks. I'll try to figure out how to add the award label to my blog and pay it forward.

  3. I almost told you it was a Beautiful Blogger Award but it sounded, I dont know, kinda creepy!

  4. Congratz on the award, and thanks for visiting and following my blog!

  5. Congratulations! I am a new follower and look forward to more great posts.

  6. Wow - Likes winter and hates summer? What? well, if you can forgive me for being a Phillies fan... Great post! Can't wait to check out your awardees!


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