Monday, November 1, 2010

Mangled Manuscript Monday

Beta Buddies, those with the purple highlights and red balloons, cackling with glee as they wield a critical eye:
Group hug J
Okay, mushy stuff is over, just know I love you all.
Er, NOW the mushy stuff is over.
A fellow critter is fearless, unafraid of hurt feelings. They know it is their responsibility to crit, not with cynicism, but with a brutal, impartial eye.
Theirs is a fresh look at a writer’s beloved spawn.
For me, the stage of tantrums is history, two years in the past. Now it is gratitude I feel and a constant headache from smacking my forehead against the wall with a how-could-I-be-so-blind.
Appreciate them, thank them, and reciprocate the critiques. It is the road to improvement. And we are traveling it together.
Thanks again.
But I warn you. I might name my antagonist after you at the end.


  1. ah, so you like my purple comments, eh? And I completely agree. A couple of crits could mean the difference between getting published or not.

  2. hmmm...but changing 'Tiarra' to Marcy is so easy.

    Lets see, Find, Replace...ah yes.


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