Monday, March 21, 2016

Win 10. Do you really want it?

I’m a geek freak. I love new programs and technologies. So I was interested when Microsoft offered the Windows 10 upgrade. Since my computer was six months old with Win 7 OS I was sure it would work.

I hesitated for a while since reports of the horrors of Win 8 are legion. But there was the “free” button, upgrade now and if you don’t like it, well boy howdy, you can go back.

I listened. I upgraded and all was good...for a while. Then stuff began happening. See my progress, from Hey this is cool to What did I do and Baseball Bat 

I said no thanks and went back to good old Win 7. ‘Cuz that’s what they say you can do, right? If you don’t want it, just go back to your old OS. Easy as pie.

Not so fast. The registry of some programs didn’t go back to the restore point. Win 10 stuff stayed. The automatic backup went looney tunes requiring a fix to clean it up.

And there's that darned Window thingy insisting I needed to upgrade to 10, over and over and over again.

It seems Microsoft has tentacles that reach down the throat
of your computer like the thing in Alien and lays its eggs in the body of your ‘puter without you knowing.

Do you see the little box that keeps popping up saying your upgrade is waiting on you? Uh oh, someone’s watching you. Check the updates. If the optional update has a checked box by the Windows 10 upgrade, be careful. You might accidentally download the horror again.

And there is an interesting folder on your computer: $Windows.~BT with a 5 gb stored there. That is your alien growing in your chest. It is waiting for a signal.

“Oh no, not again." - Spaceballs

If you don’t want Microsoft and its minions to be a backseat driver, here are a few sites for more information.

Information on Win 10
How to clean it up

Check out both of these sites before attempting to sort stuff out or delete. I took their advice and turned off the Automatic Updates. If I need to download a security patch, I will do it myself. But no more optional downloads if I don't see the need. 

And ask yourself how much you want that spiny alien watching over your shoulder.

Win 10: Good or bad. 


  1. thanks for the advice, i just upgraded computers myself. i have a separate drive for my files and i still dont feel safe... those stupid upgrades and updates are incredibly annoying and usually the only thing they do is SLOW MY DARN COMPUTER DOWN and TAKE UP SPACE! tech people are not normal, constantly tweaking the technology... i guess that's job security

    can you imagine if we kept sending people updates on our books (oh, here's an upgrade to my novel, i made a few edits...)
    happy monday!

    1. After doing a bunch of research, I've found a lot of those updates are stuff and nonsense. Except for security patches. Those are rather important.

  2. That's why I just keep saying no...
    And what Tara said. Can you imagine if we did that to readers?

    1. Microsoft is getting rather pushy about updating us whether we want it or not. Their support for Windows 7 ends 2020 but who knows? Maybe they'll stop earlier due to (insert excuse here)

  3. I was livid when I had to give up Win Office 2003 and Vista. Now I have 2007 and I miss the simplicity of the old ones. My laptop is real old. I was considering making a book-trailer, downloaded the free MS one, and after using up about 50M of my dnld limit, the darn program won't run because I have too many old hardware/software thingies, like incompatible sound card, etc. I'm totally not buying into the Win 10 dilemma. I've heard too many horror stories. But funny thing: just after they released it, my Win Explorer started crashing. It says "Windows Explorer stopped working. Press here to restart." Then it auto-closes all my folders, but at least not any open docs I have. I think this is a prod from MS, though everyone tells me it can't be. Still, after having the laptop for so long, it's hard to see the sudden bug as a coincidence...

    (Amusingly, in your LinkedWithin related-posts section I see your review of Soul Cutter. I wonder if it's because the scary Alien thing = scary book! lol)

    1. Conspiracy, I tell you.
      Windows 7 is the best. I didn't have any complains about XP or Vista though

  4. I've heard nothing but horror stories about Windows 10. My computer is so old, though, that upgrading is impossible. I'll have to get a new computer eventually. But at the rate things are going, I bet Windows 11 will be worse.

    The whole tentacles thing reminded me of a program I had loaded a long time ago. When I tried to delete it, it crashed my system. And that was only a pictures/screensaver program.

    1. LOL. and who knows what Win 11 will bring.


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