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How to Intrigue a Reader

Authors and Writers, Take note. This is the ultimate journey into the mind of a fantastic marketer. Introducing Roland Yeomans to followers of SpiritCalled.


Roland Yeomans, here on my way about the internet not doing a book blog tour. J

In past posts, I have talked of sex (my novel is of a honeymoon cruise you know). Not about me, of course, even though I do write science fiction!

I have talked of romance, and in the words of Ernest Hemingway: “When two love deeply, it never ends well.”

Of course when two do not love deeply, it hardly ends up a bed of roses either!

But I have not talked of alternate history – which is what Steampunk truly is – you seize history and give it a good twist. But real history is twisted enough.

If you walk the ruined corridors of history, you will see that those living in any age had no clue what was truly going on … who the real villains actually were … how many children died needlessly.

But let’s not brood on politics gone astray. Instead let’s focus on why Steampunk is so popular:

On the most basic, most appealing social level, steampunk is a way to masculinize romance. That is to say: Steampunk takes something stereotypically feminine that most boys hate — Victorian lace and frills and tea and crumpets — and says, “Hey, how about some vampires and airships with world that?”

Steampunk basically lets us go back, at least in our imagination, and try again — lets us tap into that sense of wonder at the unfolding universe

that our grandparents might have felt when modern science was just beginning to open up all its incredible new pictures of what the world could be.

Love –
Do we know what is entailed when we marry someone? Do we truly love that person?  Or do we merely love how that person makes us feel?
Is there a love for which we will sail through Hell to save or is that the kind of love that will save us in the end?

(In my best Rod Sterling voice)

Imagine if you would an Earth where unseen factions ruled the world and warred among themselves to gain advantage over the other …
A world where a People from another Dimension walked among humans …
A world where one decent man with the blood of death in his veins tries to keep innocents from dying needlessly as his whole family had … in front of him.

Vampires, Vengeful Spirits of the Earth, Aliens Among Us, and a Man with the Blood of Death in his Veins trying to keep it from being spilled before his honeymoon is over. 

Come join the maiden voyage of the first Air/Steamship, the Xanadu, where murder, intrigue, and betrayal reign supreme ... and that is just in the newlywed's bedroom.

Joining the newlyweds are Mark Twain, 11 year old Nikola Tesla, his faithful black cat, Macak, Horace Greely, Ralph Waldo Emerson, Ada Byron, daughter of Lord Byron, and the mysterious Greek physician, Lucanus.

Lurking in the shadows, hoping to kill them is the insane Abraham Lincoln, the crippled General Sherman, the vampires, Abigail Adams and Benjamin Franklin, Empress Theodora, ruler of the Unholy Roman Empire, and the vengeful Captain Nemo, following in his Nautilus.

Steampunk intrigue and adventure was never so much fun.

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  1. I hadn't thought of steampunk as masculinizing something feminine, but I haven't read much steampunk.

    1. That was just my wry way of having fun with what actually prove to be the truth! My Steampunk is unique I believe since I have not read any Steampunk so mine is unaffected by any books that have gone on before. :-)

  2. Thanks, Roland, Steampunk does have a certain appeal, and you expressed it well. Like the Rod Serling voice-over. Best wishes.

    1. Yes, poor man's voice is being used for all sorts of things he would probably scratch his head over. :-) I hope my Steampunk will appeal to a few out there. Thanks for the best wishes -- my middle is still giving me fits. Sigh.

  3. If our development had taken a really different route, we might have steampunk.
    Not loving never ends well.

    1. Only loving ourselves ends worse! Thanks for your constant friendship and support, Alex. :-)

  4. Steampunk is huge right now. I still think of Warehouse 13, though.

    1. I never watched Warehouse 13, can you believe it? Or Friends either! I'm glad Steampunk is huge right now. Maybe a little of it will splash on me. Thanks for talking with me awhile, Liz.

  5. Excellent point about steampunk. Stuff a bunch of cool gadgets in and the men forget it's romance! :)

    1. That's what I think! :-) Thanks for visiting and talking with me and Carol awhile!


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