Wednesday, March 2, 2016

IWSG – Politics and Social Issues...

...or how to alienate half your followers

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Issues divide the country like a pizza. Some like thick crust, others like crispy. Everyone has an opinion. But when vicious name-calling starts and vitriol splashes the headlines, take note and tread lightly. Those people are nuts.

The Democrats are getting Hillary whether they want her or not. Bernie is a likable guy but I don’t see his racecar getting the checkered flag.

Republicans have their own problems. Nuff said.

So who do you like? And what do you think about SCOTUS, abortion, immigration, BLM...


Don’t...for Pete’s Sake, answer those questions!!

Because I can guarantee, you will P. O. a fan or reader.

Have an opinion. Do the research. Be firm in your convictions. Don't cuss contrary views; Discuss. Who knows? Maybe we can exchange ideas and the world will be a better place.

Note to all raccoons that read blogs:   
If you stay out in the wild, the Very Large Dog can’t catch you and probably won’t even try. However, if you come onto my patio to hassle the cats and eat their food, you will die.

With the help of The Lady Who Feeds Him, Ruffian will send you on a one-way trip to the Great Beyond. Even dressed in an L.L Bean, long-flannel nightgown, and flip-flops, The Lady is county and knows what to do and how to do it.

What do you think about the varmints taking advantage of your good nature? 

And what about those raccoons also?


  1. "Maybe we can exchange ideas and the world will be a better place." Such an excellent thing for which to aim. :)

    I have an armadillo that's constantly diggings holes in my backyard and a opossum that just skulks around looking creepy. Minor stuff, really. At home I had a bear that constantly cleaned out my herb garden...and I wisely just let him do it.

    1. Possums meet the same fate as raccoons, I'm afraid.
      I don't know what I'd do if a bear showed up at my door.
      Too much politics, too many seeking power and creating a religion out of ideals that don't deserve worship.

  2. I'm sure there are racoons around here but I don't leave cat food outside because, well, if it's outside, then its up for grabs imo. Plus my cats stay in for the winter so I can feed the birds :)

    So...Hilary vs Trump; I guess we'll all be voting for the lesser of two evils, if we can figure out which one that is.

    1. The food is in an old wood stove, difficult for anything bigger than a cat to get to. The dog bed, cat shed, and door are within ten feet of the food. Anything foolish enough to jump the shark is walking into trouble.

      "...figure out which one that is..." LOL

  3. Like the warning to the raccoons!
    I don't discuss those things. Although if it comes to that in November, who do we vote for? Satan or Satan?

    1. Succinct description of the current political status. I like it!

  4. I don't touch those topics either. Watching the news depresses me enough. As for the raccoons, I'll pass on the word. We've had a skunk around recently. He leaves a stink when I take my son out to the bus in the mornings!

    1. I have a whole army of skunks that stay out in the yard digging up worms, or beetles, or whatever the heck they eat.
      Dog says, "I got the coon. You get the skunks."

  5. Am I the only one brought up with the rule about never discussing politics, religion, or sex in public? When I see all the people venting on FB and the funny-but-rude-and-will-annoy-the-opposition memes and posts, I wonder if people ever think about the future anymore. Kids are posting half-naked selfies, twenty-somethings are passing around peacocks or baby dolphins for pics until the animals die, adults are spewing all their private thoughts and opinions everywhere and are proud when they're un-friended by people who disagree with them. Once on social media, things don't go away. They're there forever... Well, I can't control other people's bad judgment, but although I have strong opinions, you won't find me waving them in people's faces. I respect my friends, readers, and fans -- and their beliefs -- and want to keep them.

  6. I know every country has their issues and they all claim their election process is the worst, but seriously America... your election process is a circus.

    I discuss politics and religion and other topics with people when I can see them face to face and have a rational discussion, but the internet is never, ever the place to have these discussions. I strongly believe it is impossible to have mature, rational conversations online. That's why so many media outlets are actually closing down their comments section, because they only breed hate and ignorance (or at least give it a voice).

    Wait, weren't we supposed to be talking about writing?

    IWSG March

  7. If I were a raccoon, I'd be quaking in my boots.

  8. You tell 'em girl!!! Loved this post and laughed out loud, especially at the visual at the end! Thanks for dropping by my blog and making me smile today!

  9. You really did make me smile with this one. I avoid politics in my own writing, at least in part because everybody IS so sick of hearing it. I don't want any of that really? again??? transferring to me, if I can help it!

  10. LMBO! Thanks for the laughs :) And thanks for visiting my blog.

  11. You know what they say, never talk politics or religion at the dinner table. Sometimes, it's unavoidable. And, yes, if you're going to spout an opinion, do your research!
    Thanks for stopping by my blog. Mary at Play off the Page

    IWSG co-host

  12. Personally, I don't support the idea of never talking about politics or religion, but I do very much support being wise WHERE and HOW those things are discussed. I will never forget when a long-time family friend made a racial slur at a family event. I didn't know what she meant and asked my mom. My mom was so disgusted and disappointed, but she didn't say anything. She didn't want to cause a fuss. My mom is a straight talker, but because this was a family friend, she didn't say anything. As an adult now looking back, I think it would have been appropriate for her to have pulled the friend aside and let her know the remark made her, and her kid (me) uncomfortable. They could have had a discussion: this is not OK. I still remember her words and they are really not OK. We should be able to do speak out against offensive slurs.

    At the same time, Facebook may not be the place to engage in these discussions. I've cut most of of the people who post garbagey insulting memes. It doesn't mean all of my FB friends and I agree politically, but I will not tolerate hateful bullying in my life. I guess online use the power of not being face to face to say what they want. Why would you want to be mean or spread hate to people you are friends with? Is the power worth it?

    Anyhoo... that was longer than intended. I think we need to be meaningful, research and form our opinions as you say, but how we communicate and where is what matters.

  13. What's said in this post is the reason why my R.a.n.t. series touches on light-hearted or general problems we all deal with rather than religious or political issues.
    As you say, we are all going to be divided when it comes to social issues, but we ALL (to one degree or another) deal with nature's varmints. Be it ants or raccoons.
    Great post. Enjoyed reading it.

  14. Raccoons are so cute in videos, it's a shame they cause so much trouble when they show up at your house. I have a feeling they will get your message loud and clear though.
    I second Lexa's comment about the FB venting and memes, etc. I am depressed and disgusted by the current election but both extremes going at each other on social media is enough to send me over the edge.


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