Monday, August 10, 2015

Hokey Smokes, If Technology Wasn't So Great...

...I'd take a baseball bat to it.

Everything hit at once it seems.

Norton 360 sent me an update in June that turned out extremely buggy. I uninstalled and reinstalled it after trying to find a fix on their site. So disappointed in them.

Windows 10 was rumored to be scary with bugs and the eyesight of Sauron. But I haven't had a problem. Very happy with it. Edge doesn't do much for me but learning the *very* slightly different format was a snap.

The tech problem du jour is with forwarding comments to my other email account. 

My server switched from Gmail to Zimbra. Coincidentally, all comments forwarded to my personal email (Not Gmail) have been rejected. 

At this point I can't tell if Gmail is at fault or my new webmail account. I do suspect my new server is the worm in the apple but haven't been able to fix it yet.

Add all that to the above problems and I've found that the solutions are taking hours of my writing time.

Color me very Put Out.


  1. Anytime you have to switch programs and systems, things will be buggy. Sorry for all of your issues.
    I'm still holding out on Windows 10 though.

  2. Gotta love technology. Just when things are starting to work, they stop.

  3. After I posted this and clicked on Edge, Holy Snake in the Grass, everything went haywire.

    Edge didn't open, saying it wasn't authorized.
    The screen flickered. All icons disappeared.
    Multiple times.
    I re-booted and nothing changed. Everything was wiped out.

    Many Shuvs and Zuuls knew what it was to be roasted in the depths of the Slor that day, I can tell you!

    My financial files fled.
    panicking? who me?
    All came back, I know not why. But I was ready to kill something.

  4. The best bit about "user friendly" Windows is the way so many innocuous actions can't simply be undone. One tiny slip, a momentary lapse of judgment or misunderstanding, gets punished by hours or days of trying to put things back how they were. These days I do my best to leave all the messing-about to other people :)

  5. I'm still using XP on an old Dell (bless it's little microchippy heart) , and every time I try to fumble about with windows 8 I want to scream. Hate windows 8. Just hate it.

  6. Technology can make for crazy days. My 88 year old mom has a brand new second-hand computer and I can't install her printer driver on it. My brother tried and failed as well.

    But if it weren't for technology I couldn't self-publish ebooks of poetry that no one ever reviews.

    (I include that because Blogger hasn't been letting me comment using my Wordpress account lately.)

  7. Aww, technology and electricity. I do not want to live without either. Blogger is the bane of my existence.

    1. Technology is sooo great. GRRRRRRR

      (sorry, didn't get my IWSG post scheduled)

  8. It's scary to use Window 10 if the bug is real. I'm fine with Window 7 and don't intend to change.

    Helen@TEFL CErtification


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