Monday, August 3, 2015

Windows 10, Blogger, and Norton...

...Not the Best of Friends.

I took the chance and installed Win 10. I had Win 7.

The initial verdict is decidedly undecided.

It does seem faster. The screen is familiar but Control Panel is hiding. Ah HA!, there it is. Right click on Windows icon and everything pops up. That's how I found the Paint program.

Unlike 8.1, the Start button is present. It seems to incorporate more of the total screen area, a nice bonus since I have a bigger monitor now. But it isn't all sweet sugar and ice cream.

The new browser, Microsoft Edge, is a re-done of IE. It is adequate but limited. It sniffs like a dowager at extensions such as Norton 360 Internet Security. Microsoft never played nice with Symantec anyway but it would have been a pleasant surprise if they'd kissed and made up.

Norton isn't performing as it once did anyway. Want to search your online storage? Ha. Forget it. No "purge files" there anymore. Only a button for Buy More Storage. 
Their website is stumbling like a drunk down a crowded street. If they can't keep their site up to snuff, why would I trust them to catch viruses?

And so I am looking for a new Internet Security download that offers online storage. Or not, as the case may be. Any suggestions?

Blogger was the biggest disappointment in Edge. It stays in HTML mode and if there is a button to change it I haven't found it's hiding place yet. Do I need to say how hard it is to edit in HTML? Especially if you're used to Compose?

Cortana is snarky and mostly unhelpful. Siri on my IPhone is hilarious and provides much unintended complications, but she (it?) is useful. I had hoped Cortana would be the same but so far not really.

UPDATE: Windows 10 is definitely faster. For that alone, I recommend it. I hope it will allow extensions soon but Norton is becoming a nightmare. Don't know what happened to them but I am crossing them off my Christmas list.

Have you tried Windows 10? Gonna? Got a favorite Internet Security/Virus Scan program?


  1. I use AVG but I've heard a lot of people like Kaspersky. I'm still slogging away on XP. Good to know Win10 has a start button. I despise Win8.

    1. I have access to (at this moment) XP, Vista, Win 7, and 10.

  2. I haven't upgraded from Windows 7 yet. (No way was I switching to 8.) I'll wait just a bit longer for a few more bugs to be worked out of the system.

  3. I just read there's a privacy thing, something about Windows 10 accessing your files... I don't know. I'm still on Vista and will probably remain on Vista until I upgrade my hardware.

    1. I didn't see the problem. It's mostly an "allow us to monitor any problems you're having".


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