Wednesday, October 7, 2015

IWSG - In a Fog of Recovery

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If you check the date of my last post, you’ll see it’s been nearly two months. 
I’ve had longer periods of inactivity but
this time I had a purposeful dry spell. You see, I quit writing.

It was a time out session intending to get the juices flowing again. After motivation goads that only served to foment guilt, I took a break from it all.

This week, a tiny spark became a guttering candle-flame, easily blown out but determined, and I began to write again. 

Thank Heavens.

Windows 10 update. In the name of all that’s Holy, be careful upgrading this pile of buggy poop. Especially if you have Win 7 with older programs. My computer is only seven months old, so it was well able to handle the upgrade. But some of the programs did not play well with Win 10. For about a week all went well and I was doing a happy dance. Loved it.

Then came a Microsoft “fix” and all went south. 

  • Windows Live mail went into recovery mode
  • Windows Media Player (not Center) deleted all music playlists
  • Internet connection failed or was cut
  • Cortana left me
  • Store button quit working as well as the Start button
  • Desktop kept freezing
  • Control Center went into hiding
Things went downhill from there.

Microsoft had no answer. The forums were filled with comments but no solutions. I re-installed Win 7 and got most of my functionality back but some programs needed a personal adjustment.

I replaced Windows Live Mail with Outlook and I am in the process of retrieving all my music files and inserting them into WMP. My desktop is back. No more blue screens.

A clean install might be a better choice for someone deciding to go this route. Just be careful and watch for all the above after a few days. 

On the Farm. It’s Hammer and Tongs time. Harvest, in other words. The weather is cooperating but equipment breakdowns are delaying some aspects.

My heart goes out to the folks on the East coast with over two feet of rain in a very short period.

Got Win 10? Liked it? Hated it? Or are you running like a scared rabbit from the upgrade?


  1. Glad that spark has hit again! I've gone through dry spells. They do end.
    Really sorry about Windows 10. I'm still waiting for all the bugs to clear before I download it.

  2. Great news about the spark! I haven't ventured into Windows 10 and now I don't want to.

  3. Glad you got that spark back! That's always the best feeling!

    Would you believe I still run XP? My laptop's old. Windows 10 (even though they sent me the free thing claiming my computer was compatible) would likely make my laptop crash and burn, so no thanks!

    - Madilyn Quinn @ NovelBrews

  4. Glad you found some kindling :)

    I'm still using XP too, Windows 7 at work, which works great. Keep getting a prompt to install windows 10 and I'm like, no thanks!

  5. I'm still running Vista. No way am I trying to upgrade. Maybe when I get my next computer...

  6. Ack! Sorry to hear your Windows woes persist after all this time. Once again, I'm glad to have chosen Mac.

  7. Makes me pleased Windows 10 could not install on my computer. On the other hand, I've been wanting to get a microsoft pro 3 and that would have been the perfect excuse.

  8. Congrats on striking that spark, Huntress! Yours is the fourth IWSG post I've read in this batch, and yours is the second one discussing frustrations with Windows 10! Yikes! I hope things straighten out. Happy writing ~ there is always a pencil on paper!

  9. I have a Mac so I'm safe from W10 at least. SOOOO glad you're writing again. Writers must write. Deep huh? P.S. Thanks for visiting me.

  10. Been thinking about upgrading but was planning on doing it when I had a large chunk of time off to deal with any problems. We'll see what I feel like then.

  11. Yay for the spark! Hope you keep fanning that flame. And I hope Microsoft gets some of those bugs worked out for you. >_<

  12. Put me in the running-like-a-scared-rabbit category. My laptop is old. I already had to upgrade from Windows 2003 to Windows 7 and the interminable amount of time it now takes to open a doc file since the stupid thing likes only docx. I know if I upgrade to 10, everything will come to a screeching halt. I'm glad you started writing again. I've taken breaks from mere weeks to over a year. Sometimes it all got overwhelming and I couldn't see the point in something that has zero payoff. But I girded my loins and tried again. Good luck with harvest and no more breakdowns! :)

  13. Yours is actually the second IWSG post that involved issues with Windows 10. Blech, no thank you!

  14. Pile of buggy poop? LOL! Love it! I switched to Mac after dealing with mega problems with Windows 8. We're talking blue screen of death monthly. I finally said to heck with that and switched to Apple.


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