Thursday, October 23, 2014

The Day Before

Tomorrow is release day for Mage Revealed and I feel kinda funny about it. 

Anticipation? Yes. Worry? Always. 

I question if it will achieve the measure of success that Wilder Mage did. I hope so.

Someone asked how that “success” has affected me. Folks must gauge it differently than I do, I reckon. I was just happy so many read and enjoyed my debut novel. 

The journey from Wannabe to Published had speed bumps that resulted in dents in the chassis. And occasions of what we call black ice, slick spots in the road that you don’t see until you hit them. 

Then it's Hold on Nellie, cuz suddenly you're going sideways headed for the ditch.

If arriving at Published Author can be labeled success, it's due to research, luck, and Providence. 

Research: of writing techniques, blogging, critique partners, hook sentences, agents, and publishers. 

Luck: due to writing a genre people like.

And Providence, because there can be no other way.

In addition to the above, I also list other writers as the reason for my achievement. Is there a business like this, made up of established authors, ready and willing to give of their time and expertise to aid the newbies? It still astounds me to no end. But, like I said last year, it’s got to be because they only want to feed their own reading needs. 

Got to be, *grin*.

So tomorrow is the big day and Mage Revealed is going into the hands of many people.

As it says in my acknowledgements, 
To my Once and Future Readers, always and forever my gratitude.


  1. Tomorrow is your big day! No less tense than with the first book. Or third for that matter. But relax and don't slide off the road.

  2. Congrats. I bet this book will be even bigger, because sequels generate interest in the first one.


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