Monday, October 20, 2014

Messes and Mages

Facebook and I get along. Mostly. I like meeting my friends and family, seeing pictures, and commenting. Sometimes the BuyMyBook gets to be too much and I wander off.

And then I see something like Jessica Bell's post about her messy desk and my faith in FB returns.

My place of business is not so bad. At this moment. 8:34 and 45 seconds. But it should return to its cluttered ways soon enough. 

I will admit to one thing. I have a drinking problem. 
I start one, forget it's there, and begin another. Tea, coffee, pop. Whatever.

So what does your desk look like? (I'm telling you right now, Ellie, I don't believe your desk looks like that)

Send and I'll post. 

Also, notice the countdown to the right. It is there for a reason. 

Mage Revealed is coming. Yes. Finally. Ebook AND paperback.


  1. Congratulations on the new release! So exciting. My desk is super neat at the moment, probably because I haven't done any writing there in a while.

  2. Just a couple more days!
    I have a drinking problem as well. There are usually empty water bottles everywhere.

  3. Congrats on MAGE REVEALED's soon-to-come release! WOOT! As for my desk, the four legs on it still hold it up and the post it notes aren't too rainbow bright, only yellow, blue, pink, purple and something that resembles a peachish color lol!

  4. My desk has been taken over by Willy Dunne Wooters, so it has a big pile of napkins and a couple of coasters. He used my desktop computer yesterday, and he did so in my service. I don't mind at all that he left stuff on my desk.


  5. I don't actually have a desk. I do my work while sitting on my bed, laptop in my lap (or on the little lap desk that I pull out but put away when I'm finished for the day and ready to use the bed for its intended purpose).


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