Saturday, October 11, 2014

The Walking Dead Season Five Premiere

I never saw the lure of the zombie-genre. 

Then a year and a half ago, I got into The Walking Dead. And when I say "into" I mean more than the original Star Trek. Believe me, that is saying something.

So now I say, to family and friends, for your own safety, do not call me after 8 pm Sunday, October 12th.

I mean it.


 I. Will. Hurt. You.


  1. lol... I wasn't into the zombie thing either. But I just finished the four seasons on Netflix and I was like OMG...tears, tears, tears, OMG... Yeah. I'll be watching season five. =)

  2. I've been avoiding this show. I think I still will. But I'm glad that it's such quality that it sucks people in. (That's wasn't a pun, was it?)

  3. This show rocks, but don't tell me anything; I'm still back on season 3!

  4. I'm the same way. I've never had any interest in zombies and avoided this show forever. Then a few months ago I started watching after feeling left out of all the hype and I got totally obsessed. Blew through all four seasons and have been counting the minutes until the premiere. Last night was fantastic!!


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