Monday, November 25, 2013

Mark Koopman's 50 States of Pray, Lots of books on sale, and the release of Out of Magic.

In his own words:

"Mark Koopman is an award-winning writer: 2013 SCWC (Southern California Writers' Conference) "Outstanding Memoir"; former award-winning journalist; current writer. Proud husband to my wife, a U.S. Navy Lieutenant Commander. Stay-at-home dad to three boys ages six, three and one."

50 States of Pray is an event of devotion and inspiration. 

"On Dec. 24, 2013, take a moment, (and in about 100 words), share a prayer, a thought, a memory, a hope, a regret about the past and/or a wish for the future."

Linky list to open December 2nd. Sign up then.

Books on Sale at Musa Publishing. 
Big announcement for December 2nd, Cyber Monday.

All books on Musa Publishing (including Wilder Mage) are 50% off. Download any book in any format to your Kindle, Ipad, Nook, or computer.

WAIT! Did you say that you don’t have a Kindle? 

Go here. This free app makes your computer or mobile device a reading machine.

Let me say again, You Do Not Need a Kindle/Ipad etc. If you are reading this, you have the ability. Download the app and read any book anytime on your computer.

Then go to Musa Publishing and check out their extensive bookshelf. 

Do you like Young Adult? Sci-Fi? Fantasy? Fifty Shades-type books? They have them. At 50% off on Monday, December 2nd, it is worth it believe me.

The steps:
1. Don’t have a Kindle? Go here for the free app.
2. Go to Musa Publishing. 
3. Hit the Log in/Create account (top left of Home page)
4. On the ‘Welcome, Sign in page’ hit Sign up under the New Customer banner
5. Create an account.

On Cyber Monday, Dec 2nd all books are 50%.

Starting the same day, free reads for selected short stories.

My prequel to Wilder Mage, Out of Magic is available for free on Tuesday, Dec 3rd.

Sable Rounds has every basic need a seventeen-year-old girl could want. Shelter, food, and an education. She is safe. Clean. Provided for. Nothing is missing. Except parental affection.

Her parents’ attitude changes on the day she speaks to a whirlwind. And it answers.

Now they pay attention to her. They were only waiting for her magic. And the end of their obligation to raise her.

Check out 50 States of Pray, sure to be an inspiration to all. And schmooze on over to Musa Publishers. They have the book you want.


  1. Congratulations on the upcoming short story!
    All ready to sign up for Fifty States of Prayer. Awesome idea, M-Koo.

  2. Thanks for the Shout Out, Ms. Huntress - I really appreciate it... even if I don't understand why A-Cav has given me a new nickname :)

  3. I'm in for Mark's hop. (If I don't, he might give me a noogie!)
    love the blurb for your story....i will be checking that and the other titles out on Monday!


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