Sunday, November 24, 2013

Falling Down the Stairs and Other Trips

Not gonna do it this year. 

Not that I didn't try or that I'm feeling bad since forty thousand plus words is nothing to sneeze at. But achieving fifty thousand words for NaNo in the month of November just ain't gonna happen.

First reason/excuse: Harvest. Forty-five days of combining corn and soybeans. Then, on the last day a mile from home, this happened:

No, the tire should not be sitting in the middle of the road. The hub broke off bringing the combine to a grinding halt just two feet short of a thirty-foot drop off. yikes. The mechanics and running around required time that I usually would have spent writing.

Meh, I said. I can make it up. More wordage tomorrow.

Then tomorrow came and my horse and cat conspired against me. Telepathically evidently since the cat stays inside. Said cat is fifteen years old and normally without issues. But one morning, he became, well, sick as a dog and needed emergency attention.

The horse had a colic attack and required me as well. Both decided to pull these stunts on the same day. Cat and horse recovered.

I’ve missed two days before. I can do it, I can do it....ERRRRRRR BooM!!

Company came and stayed all day. I lost another twelve hours of time. 

So I am still writing and will continue down the road I started November 1st. But I am not going to make 50 K. Not when company arrives again on Wednesday, the house needs a good cleaning before hand, and pies must be made.

I gave it a shot and am tickled with the 40 K plus so don’t cry for me Argentina.

Whew! What a month.

How's everyone else doing? Making plans? Writing non-stop?


  1. Hey, it's still more than you would've written had you not tried, right?
    Hope no one was hurt when that wheel came off. That could've been very, very bad.
    Glad your cat and horse recovered. I agree that it was a conspiracy.

  2. You drive that gigantic combine? Wow! Sorry about your cat and horse but glad they're better. 40k is nothing to sneeze at (or cry Argentina over! lol). Have a great holiday with your guests and put writing on hold. It'll still be there when you get back. :-)

    (I finally got off my butt and added a new Amazon carousel so I could put more of my friends' books on it. Wilder Mage is in there now!)

  3. 40 k words is definitely an awesome accomplishment! I'm glad your horse and cat are alright. Sounds like an adventurous few days. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  4. That's close. Close is good. Good enough, even. It's more than I did. And you can get up past 50K in December. I say that counts.


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