Tuesday, June 4, 2013

When Friends Make it Big

One of my dearest friends made the news yesterday with this announcement:

Wido Publishing signs Marcy Hatch for Debut Novel

Seriously, can it get any better than that?

We met in 2010, swapped manuscripts, and cemented an everlasting bond. With Charity Bradford, we created and developed the critique site UnicornBell, a place for everyone wanting to further their writerly education. From new writers just starting their career to published authors. In short, to everyone wanting to live their dreams.

Marcy honored me twice. Once by critiquing my manuscripts and second when she allowed me to read hers.

Big time Congrats to Marcy!


  1. Read her announcement recently and saw the press release today - very exciting!

  2. I think that is just amazing. To share that kind of trust is simply wonderful.

  3. It is wonderful seeing writers I've chatted with via e-mail or visit their blog regularly getting picked up by great presses.

  4. Yay, Marcy! It's great to have another Bell ringer with me at WiDo.

  5. I've known Marcy through her blog for a while but when I read the press release and saw she'd been writing pretty much straight since high school, I realized it's no accident she had a manuscript that impressed a submissions editor. I know we writers like to talk about "luck" and "being in the right place and the right time" etc but in the end it's all about the writing. And Marcy paid her dues it sounds like to me.


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