Monday, June 3, 2013

How to Create Magic

When creativity hits, it can take over your morning, your day, your Life. It's getting the ball rolling that can be difficult.

Photos help me. Dramatic, thought-provoking pictures that rev my creative motors.
This is a wall cloud hanging over Maryville Mo, population 10,000. It threatened but didn't drop a funnel. Thank Goodness.

Do you find that even at times like this, we writers see things differently? We exploit our experiences to make a written scene live.

Writing prompts are a means to an end also. You can start with a sentence and build it into an amusing little ditty. Witness UnicornBell, our critique site last week.

What kicks you into gear? Music? Photos? Scary weather?


  1. What kicks me into gear? I'll let you know when I figure it out.

  2. That's one heck of a photo!
    For me it's a combination of movies and music. Although an image did spark the idea for my first book.

  3. Too many things to list. I get more ideas than I know what to do with. The question is, can they grow into a story?

  4. I find inspiration in may places. Pictures. Music (the inspiration for Neverlove), a random word can kick my gears into motion.


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