Friday, November 16, 2012

How Cool is This?

As I look out my kitchen window
Renovating a 93-year-old house ain’t fun. We hit many snags like crumbling plaster and rock-wool insulation. Discovered lead pipes and *shiver* an ungrounded outlet I used for the clothes washer for 30 some years. Chipped, scraped, and cleaned off ancient wallpaper. From a Indiana Jones standpoint, seeing the styles of wallpaper and the original stenciling underneath (very cool) was fascinating. That led to one unanswered question though:

Why in heavens name would you want to paper a ceiling?

But I digress.

When we decided to use the south half of our porch to join our old house with the new addition, I left part of the beam. This led to my biggest discovery, Martha Stewart and her precious metals paint.

Quit laughing. Right now. Because this little 10 ounce jar of paint that I bought at Home Depot for about 7 bucks is incredible. It gave a sheen to everything I painted. And I used it a lot.

This little jar put two coats on the beam, a bathroom niche,

two small heart-shaped shelves and added highlights to wall d├ęcor

old door knobs and hinges

covered a sooty deposit by the chimney. I painted some of the bricks as an experiment.

This little 10 oz jar also put two coats on a step leading from the old part of the house to the new addition, an old wooden beam that is approximately ten inches wide by twelve feet long. I put two coats of Martha Stewart, metallic Copper Red, then three coats of polyurethane.

I waited and bit my nails off worrying about the durability. Boy howdy, was I ever pleased. It seems resistant to scratches, fading and looks darn good.

Once again, ONE jar did all this.

Martha, I am your biggest fan.

In summary, I want to thank Lowes for backsplash, Home Depot, Menards, Ron the manager at our local lumber yard who helped me with the floor plan, the Legacy cabinet company who offered hickory doors with all the bird pecks and knot holes, and Hineline.

And my sweet Babboo who said, “God forbid we ever add onto the house again.”


And another thing. Alicia reminded me of a very important detail, a thread that colored all the work on Our Old House: the blame game. 

Is the wall uneven after filling cracks and sanding? Blame the previous owners. Did someone paint over a mud daubers nest? The last guy did it. WhyTH did someone put the drywall on backwards? Not me.

In short, with an old house, any problems or taste in design that seems, um, unique, my answer is, Who me? Heck no.


  1. 100 years from now someone who renovates your renovation will be saying "WHY Would someone EVER put metallic paint on an innocent wooden beam?!" HA!

    It all looks awesome! Did you buy a bottle of champagne to celebrate!?

    1. Ha. Note the above addendum.

    2. And no to the champagne. Sleeping downstairs in a new bed, putting clothes into a bureau rather than clothes basket, cleaning and having everything STAY clean...all that was enough of a 'high' for us.

  2. love that paint! so versatile! one house we lived in had shag carpet on one wall =)

    so glad you're back after your grueling renovation!

  3. Your husband's comment is funny! Never heard of that stuff. Will have to get some.

  4. So wonderful to do all that work yourself and be able to own...still blame someone else for things here and there. But it's yours. Awesome work :-)

  5. I'm not laughing. I'm taking notes. Metallic paint? I want me some!

  6. Too funny. When I was putting baseboards in my house I discovered studs every whatever inches rather than the standard 16". Yeah. Thanks. And this is a fairly new house - built by a fisherman. No offense.

  7. That is one amazing bucket of paint! It's been fun hearing about your renovations. One day I hope to have a house I love enough to suffer through all of that with.

  8. I used a similar paint for the metallic tones on my steampunk costume last year. ;) It worked great!


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