Thursday, November 15, 2012

Day Four of This Old House

I don’t want to pay one dime more than I need to for Anything. And taxes? Loathe ‘em.

I want quality, durability, easy installation, low cost, and variety. And don't want to pay taxes or shipping. Is that too much to ask?

The solution? Online purchasing.

Buying direct from dealers has all the above advantages plus a few scary extras if you don't do your homework; crappy service, no return policy, shadowy business reps, and fly-by-night companies. To avoid the skanks of the industry, I researched every dealer from their socks to their hair follicles. I dodged the unknowns and focused on some great online businesses.

AC Wholesalers. I bought our Mitsubishi from this dealer. Great prices, super products. An all-around good experience.  Kitchen hardware is freakin’ expensive. On a lark, I checked out this well-known site, my first time dealing with them, and was I pleased! Bought for a fraction of the cost at a home improvement store, these handles and knobs were heavy, well-made, and the exact color I wanted.

Selectblinds. I wanted huge windows, 66” x 96”. For that size, I needed vertical blinds. After finding nothing locally that came close to the color or style I wanted, I went to this company. I did have to pay shipping this time, but got these blinds already sized and ready to install. Worth the money.

Amazon sells everything under the sun. I’ve hit a few speed bumps with them but generally satisfied with their dealings.

Bottom line, check the companies before doing business with them. Use reviews, Better Business Bureau, and research thoroughly. If I can buy quality products online and avoid giving Uncle Sam the money I earned, I’m willing to take the time to do my schoolwork.

Tomorrow, our coolest discoveries.


  1. it's so fluffy!!
    you know what im talkin bout!

    gorgeous kitchen! whens the housewarming party?

  2. Amazon's pretty good, isn't it? I once got all my Christmas pressies from them (the ones I sent! I didn't receive any :-( ) but if I try and get them to ship to Portugal then I have to pay a huge tax (dammit)

    1. anything my mind conceives, Amazon sells.

  3. I love buying things from Amazon. I'm dreading Christmas though. My brother is too difficult to buy for. As a plus Amazon is gay friendly!

    1. In one week, I bought sheets, a camera, MP3 download, baby toys, a camera (canon rebel), and parts for a 23 year old dryer.

      Methinks, any of the above would cover the wants of straight or gay folk:)


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