Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Politics and Bread

I like to know what I am getting into when I buy a product.

Bread, for instance.

The wrapper says split top wheat. It is soft, tasty but what about its true nature, the ingredients that give it a pleasing appearance.

A closer look, an informed look tells me this, it is not ‘whole’ wheat but lists enriched bleached flour as its first ingredient. Other *stuff* include sodium stearoyl lactylate, calcium phosphate/sulfate, ammonium sulfate and/or calcium carbonate—

Well. You get the idea. My reaction is a subtle WTF.

So I make my own bread using simple ingredients like white whole wheat flour, salt, yeast, honey, and milk. It doesn’t keep forever but the smell and taste are like a warm blanket on my senses.

Politics hit me the same way.

First off, a writing blog is not the place to expound a political view. My opinion.

I hope that my followers have no idea where I stand. But let me say, my views would appall both Democrats and the GOP.

Independent? Eh, maybe.

In this year of major political upheaval, I hope all look past the pleasing appearance and dig into what makes each participant tick. Their ingredients. Make an informed decision.

Don’t be the clueless person who listens to others. Research these political animals as you would for your WIP. 

And do some careful listening.

Skip the sound bites and the Mussolini posturing.

Check out their ingredients.


  1. Good advice no matter which side of the political spectrum you inhabit. :)

  2. Oh yeah, they all need careful examination this year!

  3. You will be please that I have no idea about your political leanings. Your advice is not just great, but I love the fact that you mention making your own solution after informing yourself.

    So may seeking-of-knowlege trump riot-rabble-rousing.


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