Monday, May 23, 2011

Wrath of God

I look at life through a smile. In all things, in every way, I see the humor in nearly any situation.

Not this morning.

Since then, the sorrows in Oklahoma, Alabama, Mississippi, Arkansas, North Carolina, Georgia, Tennessee, Louisiana, Virginia, Kansas, in Tuscaloosa, Minneapolis, St. Louis, Redding, Waverly, leave me without glib words.

And now, Joplin, Missouri, that tornadoes scoured from the ground yesterday.

In northwest Missouri, we had a saying, that you could tell when the weather bureau had issued a tornado warning by the number of folks standing on their front lawns looking for the twister.

I don’t say that anymore.


  1. Nope, no humor in this situation at all. This has been a horrible year for tornadoes. :(

  2. Saw the news this morning. It has been a bad year for tornadoes.

  3. We were lucky and the tornadoes skipped my little corner of NC. I've been praying for all those that were hit hard.

  4. My thoughts go out to everyone impacted by these events - I hope you, your loved ones (including all of the 4-legged nature) are safe and sound.

  5. As I read this post I really thought about it. People did make alot of jokes about the Rapture, but there definitely isn't anything funny about the destruction from tornadoes. In my hometown (Northern Illinois area) a tornado had touches down by my parent's house. The damage wasn't as bad as Missouri, but it just makes you really think and hope the best for all of those hit by the storms.

  6. It's been heartbreaking watching the news. I hope you and your family are safe. Troubled times are definitely here, and it's not a laughing matter indeed. Take care.

  7. tornadoes are so horrific. It almost makes me think I'd trade a hurricane any day. At least they give you time to get out of the way!!!

    It's really awful what people are going through. I hope thye have good neighbors who'll lend them a hand. We're still sending money and goods to T-Town. Our local schools raised $30K to send! Time to show what we can do together to help our friends in need~ :o) <3

  8. Wow. Well said. I hope you all have fared well through this.


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