Wednesday, May 11, 2011


My blogging/writing friends are truly magnificent, giving of themselves, their time, and expertise to help and encourage.

Thank you Cherie for the Irresistibly Sweet Award. I haven’t met a strawberry I didn’t like.

Thank you Caitlin for the Stylish Blogger Award, beautiful unique and absolutely cool.

Seven things about myself? Ah boy, here we go:
I prefer silver over gold.

Drive a Dodge truck that I wouldn’t trade for anything.

Cannot get enough daffodils

Admire babies from afar but will pick up any puppy that crosses my path

I remember a little shorthand from my college days and, yes, I realize it takes up space in my brain.

Nickelback is my favorite band.

I call carbonated beverages ‘pop’ rather than ‘sodas’.

Thank you for the excellent awards, Ladies. You have excellent, informative blogs that I appreciate more every time I visit.

Thanks again.


  1. Congratulations! And I agree with you about the puppy.

  2. oh yes, far prefer puppies over babies, or even small children.

  3. Congrats and well deserved! :) Love the puppy breath.

  4. i liked your list!
    congrats stylish sweetie =)

  5. Congrats! I love daffodils too. So pretty!

  6. Wow! I prefer silver too, love daffodils, feel the same way about babies and have a bit of shorthand (but I find it useful sometimes - until I have to read it back!)

  7. Congratulations on the awards. You deserved them!

    Ellie Garratt

  8. ahh... a Dodge-driving pop drinker... LOL! Just kidding. Good stuff. And yes. You are very sweet and stylish. Congrats! :o) <3

  9. Yup, I'm a dog and pop girl too :)

  10. Love these awards and the little things about you that you shared.


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