Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Watch out for the Super Harvest Moon - NASA Science

Watch out for the Super Harvest Moon - NASA Science

The Harvest Moon; the full moon nearest the autumnal equinox.

It evokes an image of high-sided wagons pulled by chestnut-colored horses down a dry field of corn, a farmer and his boys walking along side, yanking the ears from the stalks and tossing them into the bed. The farmer’s chirrups to his horses carry in the cool air.

It is the Harvest moon because it rises just as the sun is going down, giving the farmer light to continue until dew forms on the corn. The long hours ensures his summer’s labor made it into the corncrib of the barn or the round wire-mesh bin outside. It is the beginning of harvest, the end of summer, and tells us Get ready. Winter is coming.
Like the swirling leaves from the maple trees, anticipation is in the air and harvesting, sweeping the patio, and cleaning the yard of the vestiges of summer is a part of the season.
Because, the Harvest Moon is here, seasons change, and the dance of life goes on.

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