Friday, September 10, 2010

Tribute to Guardian Angels

I don't celebrate death, especially anniversaries of death.

After my mother passed away, I wrote this as a answer to the age-old question, Why do these things happen?

The Guardian Angel

She had watched her Charge throughout her life, through childhood, and adult, in tears and joy.

She had been with her, Always.

She was her Guardian Angel and had adored her from the moment she became her Charge. She laughed with her, her loves, her hurts. She wiped away her tears and soothed her worries and distress.

Since she was a tiny babe in her mother's womb, she had been with her, easing her into life, and protecting her through all dangers, stretching out her hand and with a gentle stroke shielding her Charge from harm.

For she was with her, Always.

Smiling, standing unseen, the Guardian Angel took simple joy and pride in all the adventures. With fond indulgence, the Guardian Angel watched as her Charge laughed and danced her way through the exploits of toddler, childhood, adolescent, wife, mother, grandmother.

Now, her charge was a senior. Life was a slow dance, glorying in the marvels of family, the youthful antics of the little ones and side by side, the Guardian Angel watched with her Charge as her family grew.

And smiled and laughed as they marveled in the joys of this threshold of life.

But life became hard. Her Charge was tiring and the slow dance had become painful and wearying.

And through it all, the Guardian Angel watched, caring for her and protecting her, never ending, never sleeping.

For she was with her, Always.

Now she bit her lip, her soul hurting, as she stood unseen with her Charge’s family.


She stretched out her trembling hand once more.

A strong Presence fell gently about her, stopping her. Startled, she looked up into His Face, with His sad, grieving Eyes.

Wait, no. NO...NO!

Then the strong Arms held her, kept her close, and she hid her face, as she gasped with unbearable sorrow.

Grief overtook her. She sunk to the ground, falling away from Him. She buried her face in her arms as an overwhelming realization came to her. Her young girl, her gracious lady, her loving mother, and grandmother...oh, please, no...

A deep Voice said, "Do not grieve. Your labor of love has not ended. Your duties have only shifted to a new horizon, filled and soothed with an Everlasting Joy.

“Your Charge has not ended."

As He spoke, His loving Touch stroked away the terrible, razor-sharp wound in her heart.

Then, she heard a familiar sound.

The voice of her dear lady, wondering, questioning, confused. She looked up from her tear-wet arms. Her dear lady stood gazing, with wide eyes and quick breaths, questing for something recognizable.

"You must help her. You must guide her. For her new home is prepared and waiting with Me. Your duties have not ended, but have gone toward that which is the goal of all who will come to Me."

Now, her Charge's eyes were on her, still confused, but the strained lines in her face easing now. Her dear lady sighed and relaxed, as if an anchoring lifeline had appeared. The Guardian Angel smiled, stood, and held out her trembling hand, gasping with the unshed tears. Her dear lady looked into her eyes, and then looked at her outstretched hand. Slowly, her hand slipped into hers, and the Guardian Angel gently began to pull her dear lady away.

Away from the machines and monitors. Away from the hospital bed and the earthly life.

Once, her Charge stopped, resisting her pull and looked back at the ones they were leaving.

She waited with her, their hands tightening as her Charge’s loved ones were left behind, each bowed under the terrible pain of separation, all with their own Guardian Angel touching, soothing, embracing with gentle tears.

Her Charge watched and a single tear coursed down her cheek. With longing, she hesitated; her face saddened with all the sorrow of the world and then she looked down and away from her loved ones.

Then her Charge nodded at her Guardian Angel. She smiled through her own tears and arm in arm, they both passed with Him into the Light.

To be with Him.


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