Monday, February 8, 2016

The Quiet Knock

Ambition waved goodbye several months ago. 

I shrugged and went about my day. The days turned into weeks then months while Shame and Guilt competed to bring me down.

A knock at the door in my mind. I notice a familiarity about it.

Ambition stands there shuffling its feet, not knowing if it is welcome. 

I think I will let it in. Maybe it will fill the space in my heart and crowd out Shame and Guilt. For today, at this hour, I will call it a win and hope it is the turning point.

Maybe the guttering candle flame will blaze into the conflagration it once was. 

And I will name myself Writer once more.


  1. Glad Ambition returned. He probably needed a bit of a vay-cay.

  2. You will. Less pressure on yourself and seeking inspiration through quiet times and meditation might help. I tend to have ideas when I'm driving my car or cooking or . . . whatever.


  3. Sounds like you've been going through a lean patch. Glad you heard that tentative knock. Nurture that candle and feed it well...

  4. That sounds so profound and beautiful. I'm in the same boat only I'd put it more like, "I can't figure out anything good to write, so screw it, I'll just sit here and crit for others till my butt gets too big to fit in the chair anymore." (Which may not be too far away.) If you let your Ambition in, please ask him if he's seen my Inspiration.

  5. You are a writer; you just need to get your groove back.


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