Monday, February 15, 2016

First Page Contest, Deadpool, and The Walking Dead

I don’t usually celebrate Valentine’s Day other than with a "have a happy". 

But yesterday was memorable.

My Sweet Baboo of 42 years doesn’t go to the movies much let alone enjoy the same outrageous stuff that I do. He likes Sabrina and American President type movies. Chick flicks I reckon. I like Galaxy Quest, Star Trek/Wars, and the Marvel universe. Yesterday, he manned-up and took me to see Deadpool. What a sweetie, huh. Not sure he liked it all that much but love was in his heart.

Deadpool...okay, wow. Funny, amazing special effects, and way cool script. I was laughing from the first opening credits to the end and enjoyed every minute. I want to see it again to catch what I missed. So many inside jokes that it doesn’t always connect at first. It is so different from the other characters in the Marvel franchise that it seems a whole new genre.

No spoilers here but keep in mind, this is not for kids. Don’t take your thirteen year old to see this. Absolutely not for the young’uns.

One thing, IMHO, staying for the two teasers after the credits was a waste of time. Not like Iron Man III for example. Or Thor.

And another thing: If graphic violence (of bad guys getting their comeuppance), multiple curse words, nudity, and sexual situations offend you, don’t watch. I didn’t feel any of the above was gratuitous but yanno, that is my opinion.

The Walking Dead premiered its second half of its sixth season with an on-the-edge-of-your-seat shocker. This show just gets better and better, keeps me wondering who will die without killing off too many—aka Game of Thrones—to ruin the ride. 

For writers, it highlights how to plot, divert attention from the real story, and blow up expectations.

Regarding the last, if you can guess the storyline, predict it, the surprise factor is a mound of glue. Surprise, shock keeps the reader interested. Not just via deaths but unexpected plot twists.

First Page Contest. Here is your chance to get your writing noticed, create interest, and build a platform to display your skills. Plus, you win BOOKS! 

It’s a contest over at Unicorn Bell, our critique site. Moderated by the multi-talented Charity Bradford, it gives writers a shoutout. Enter soon and win bragging rights.

Are you a Marvel Universe fan? Want to see Deadpool? Worship Walking Dead? Ready to enter a writing contest?


  1. Deadpool might be interesting. But I don't go out to the movies, so I'll wait for it to make it to TV.

    1. I saw Star Wars 7 at the theater. Before that, I don't really remember when or what I saw. Maybe Iron Man or Star Trek.
      If I think the theater experience will enhance the movie, I usually go and almost always by myself. The Deadpool jaunt with Hubby was the first time since The Lord of the Rings movies. Hm, 2003?
      Yeah, we don't get out much either, LOL.

  2. I love The Walking Dead but I am so far behind...and I heard a horrible spoiler about one of the characters...I hate people who spoil without warning.

    1. yep. Me too. I don't go on TWD sites because some ppl love to yak too much. And especially the comic book...oh pardon, the graphic novel sites. They are the worst.

  3. Loved Galaxy Quest, and just recently went with family to see Star Wars 7 at the cinema. Good movie to see on the big screen (but not 3D. I can't cope with 3D)

  4. I was so excited for the return of The Walking Dead and that episode didn't disappoint. One of the best of the series in my book. I nearly had a heart attack several times during the episode! Wow was all I could say when it was over. I can't wait for more.


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