Tuesday, April 22, 2014

A to Z Blogging Challenge - S

Blogging from A to Z Challenge 2014

Guess the movie!
"I think I can go now. Just needed to do a couple of things. I needed to help someone; I think I did. And I needed to tell you something: You were never second, ever. I love you. You sleep now. Everything will be different in the morning."

Highlight below for the answer:

The Sixth Sense


  1. Now this one I know because I've been talking about this movie all month - one of my favs - The Sixth Sense :)
    Sophie's Thoughts & Fumbles - A to Z Ghosts
    Fantasy Boys XXX - A to Z Drabblerotic

  2. Didn't see that movie, but I like that line. . . Thanks for visiting the post on Sargent, many have forgotten these paintngs and the artists.

  3. Finally got one. The Sixth Sense. I so loved this movie.

  4. Didn't get it, damn! But I loved that movie. I didn't see the end coming which made it extra fun.

  5. Ugh! I felt the tickling of it in the back of my brain but it just wouldn't pop. What a great movie that was!

    AJ's wHooligan in the A-Z Challenge

  6. That's a great movie, but I didn't get the quote right away :)

  7. Still pissed at my mom over this one. We saw it together. Not even half way through, she turns to me and whispers, "He's dead, isn't he?" Immediately I knew she was right.


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