Saturday, April 19, 2014

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Guess the movie!

"This is about trust. You said you weren't motivated by revenge."
"I am motivated by my duty." 
"No... I think you're so blinded by inconsolable rage that you don't care who you hurt. When you can't tell your friends from your enemies, it's time to go."

Highlight below for the answer:

Quantum of Solace
* * * *

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Sable Rounds has every basic need a seventeen-year-old girl could want. Shelter, food, and an education. 

She is safe. Clean. Provided for. Nothing is missing. Except parental affection. 

Their attitude changes on the day she speaks to a whirlwind. And it answers. 

Now they pay attention to her. They were only waiting for her magic to manifest. 
And the end of their duties. 


  1. I have seen this movie, but only once, so I didn't spot the quote :) But this is still fun.
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  2. I vaguely remember the line from the movie.
    Hope you move a lot of books this weekend!

  3. I love the new James Bond movies.

  4. I must have knit through that scene...

  5. Oh cool. I don't know much on james bond movies :D


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