Friday, March 28, 2014

Cephalopod Coffeehouse Chat - Night Broken

From the ArmChair Squid: “The idea is simple: on the last Friday of each month, post about the best book you've finished over the past month while visiting other bloggers doing the same. In this way, we'll all have the opportunity to share our thoughts with other enthusiastic readers.”

Night Broken by Patricia Briggs-

Mercy Thompson can’t have normal problems like every other shape-shifting coyote. Even married to an Alpha
werewolf, having an on-again off-again war with the vampires, cops who want to charge her with murder, and a Gray Lord wanting his precious artifact back isn’t enough trouble.

Now the needy ex-wife wants help.

Patricia Briggs proves once again why she could write out a grocery list and I’d hold onto it enthralled. This series keeps getting better. That goes without saying. But this book surpasses them all.

If I could give ten stars I would. Night Broken is just that good.


  1. WOw - fun review - short sweet and to the point. Will definitely check out this author!

  2. You're the second person to mention this book and give it high praise.

  3. You've piqued my interest in this one - it's not one of my usual genres, I may give it a read. Thank you.

  4. kewl, will look out for it when I've dosh on the card.

  5. I'm a pretty eclectic reader, but the notion of "shape-shifting coyotes" doesn't fit into a category with anyhing I've ever read before. Doesn't mean I wouldn't like it, though. After all, I loved the movie "Cat People"...

    Thanks! I'll check it out.

    1. I may only know this because I grew up with coyotes literally in my backyard (we went through about a dozen cats), and because our county was surrounded by reservations, but coyotes are shape-shifters. I mean, in classic American Indian mythology, that's what they are. They are to Indian mythology what Loki is to Norse mythology. Having watched them slide silkily across a shrubby field, or appear and disappear between trees, I get it!

  6. I'm glad you found such a satisfying read!

  7. I'm not sure I'm ready to move beyond Jim Butcher. I have not liked any of the other paranormal stuff I've read.

  8. "Mercy Thompson can’t have normal problems like every other shape-shifting coyote."

    Now, there's a great opening! Sounds like a fun read.

  9. I haven't even HEARD of Patricia Briggs. will have to check out her stuff on GR :)

  10. Sounds interesting, but I'm kind of burned out on shape shifters for now. I feel like I've heard of Patricia Briggs, but I can't remember from where. Anyway, I'll have to keep her and this series in mind.


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