Sunday, March 2, 2014

A Published Author is Born - Marcy Hatch and West of Paradise

I met two talented writers in the fall of 2010. At that time, all three of us were green as a willow switch and just as fluttery. We’ve gone many a mile since then, our roads converging into one on the way to Published Author. Charity Bradford, me, and Marcy Hatch.

Today it is all about Marcy.

West of Paradise comes out March 25th on Amazon. 

Katherine Kennedy has it all; she’s beautiful, she’s wealthy, and she’s engaged to the perfect man: Antonio D'Salvatore. There’s just one problem. She can’t marry him. Worse yet, she has no idea why. All she knows is there is suddenly nothing she wants, not Antonio, or any of the other hundred thousand things money can buy. 

Jack McCabe comes home from the war with a pretty medal and a lot of ugly pictures in his head. He has little in the way of possessions, less in the way of wealth, nowhere to go and no one to go anywhere with. All he has is a vague sense of discontent, a restlessness that will not abate.

Separately, they are drawn to Paradise Tours on the privately owned Cristobel Island. There they meet Louis Cade, a man who offers them the unimaginable, something neither can quite believe until they actually find themselves over 125 years in the past, 1881 to be exact.

For Jack McCabe it’s the adventure he always dreamed of – until he meets a beautiful but deadly train robber. Katherine can't believe an ignorant bounty hunter has mistaken her for a criminal – until she sees the picture, which looks exactly like her.

Set in the old west, this is a tale of mistaken identity, romance, and murder.

West of Paradise is at Amazon and WiDo Publishing.

You can find Marcy hanging out at her blog, Mainewords and our writers group site, UnicornBell.

My bestest wishes goes out to her and all she represents of our business. An excellent writer and all-around great human...Marcy, *heart to you*.


  1. Just a couple more weeks - congratulations, Marcy!

  2. Congrats! I like the time travel premise.

  3. I can't wait to read it Marcy! Congratulations and enjoy the ride!

  4. I'm very excited for Marcy. It won't be long now and her book will be out and about :-)

  5. Congrats to Marcy!

    Good to see how you've kept in touch with your writer friends and support each other.


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