Monday, February 17, 2014

First Drafts, Book Signings, and Pandora

What a journey last year was for me. 

My debut as Published Author, an excellent turnout for my book, Wilder Mage, and the continuation of the series. 

My prequel short story, Out of Magic detailing Sable's first brush with magic, is awaiting a cover.

I completed the First Draft of The Unlikely Mage (working title)book two of The Magic Withheld series. It is now in the hands of my treasured critique partners, Marcy Hatch, Charity Bradford, and L. Blankenship.

Its first outing occurred at UnicornBell, our writer’s realm of informational overload, where our followers critted the first 1400 words.

The third book of series is 1000 words into the first scene and chapter. And just to be contrary, my mind came up with the ending of the book when I was half-asleep. Evidently, that is one of the best times to develop a storyline. The other time is when I’m driving down the highway at sixty mph.

As if edits of the second book and writing the third wasn’t keeping me busy enough, I am promoting the first in the series as well with a book signing at the Mark Twain book club. The following week, I am the guest at the Maryville chapter of the Missouri Writers Guild meeting at NWMSU. The local paper asked for an interview also. Waiting on the date for that one.

Need musical inspiration for your novel? One word: Pandora. 

I had the free app for a quite a while. Then last year I signed up for the paid subscription and have been very pleased with my Nickelback, Daughtry, and Hinder stations. But it didn't occur to me until recently to enter Two Steps From Hell into the faves.


I have several albums from this group already. But selecting them as my favorite radio station gives me not only their strictly instrumental music but also groups such as ES Posthumous and Audiomachine, soundtracks from movies like Inception, Pirates of the Carribean, Lord of the Rings, Man of Steel, and Robin Hood. 

Included in this group is Lindsey Stirling, who is an amazing violinist. Her picture alone makes me love her music.

And gaming music! Love, love, love Halo, Assassin’s Creed, and Skyrim. The muse is fantastic.

If you don't care for the Pandora app, I highly recommend all the above groups for your battle scenes, drama, death, and romantic creations.

So when is your muse most active? And do you listen to music? Book signings, are they in your future?


  1. I can't write while listening to music as I always distract myself by singing along in my head instead of writing. But maybe this instrumental music is just what I need! Never thought of it, but what a great idea. I love soundtracks and now I'm envisioning creating/listening to a soundtrack of music that matches the mood of my series while writing. Thanks for the tip. And congrats on such an amazing year! Here's to many more of them. :)

  2. You're doing so wonderfully with your writing! Huge congrats on all your successes and the delight of upcoming sequels! I can't imagine what it must feel like to have a writing career that's on track like yours. I refused to write for a year and a half while trying to understand why no one wanted Soul Cutter. I'd love to write a sequel, but I'm the only one. So I'm hitting myself with a stick trying to come up with something "high concept;" it's a shame to waste my agent, so I better give her something that has a chance of selling. OK, whining over...going back to the WIP slave pit now... :P

  3. Congratulations at being a guest! Keep working on the sequel.
    Pandora is awesome. So is Spotify. Great ways to find new music and set the mood for writing.

  4. You go girl! And yes, book signings are in my future and I'm enjoying book 2 :)

  5. In the shower. I come up with some great ideas then.

    I listen to Pandora too, but mostly in the morning when I'm waking up.


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