Thursday, July 18, 2013

Marketing—When, Where, How

Book cover reveal. I've been sitting on my cover reveal for nearly a month, doodling around like a kid anticipating a merry-go-round ride. Which it surely is.

Next week, a new book trailer and the cover reveal. I hope plenty of my blogger buddies will pass the word.

Marketing. Selling your book begins the day your manuscript is ready for representation. The query starts the game, the sentence or two that entices another person to enter your world.

Not unlike the Carrion flower that emits a foul dead-meat stench to attract pollinating flies. (yeah, I know. It's a gift. My brain at work)

Some say luring that first visitor is the hardest part of the journey. I agree, but it is only one stop on the road to Published. Many junctions lie ahead. Some are perilous. Especially to introverts such as myself.

Shouting, Hey, Look at me, scares me more than anything up to date. The Introvert gene, no doubt.

Back to the journey. You have an agent or, in my case, a publisher who wants to take you on. Edits add more to that ms than you ever thought possible. And so begins the real work.

How to sell yourself. Well, boy howdy, it’s another query of course. Just in a little different form.

  • With bling and book tours.
  • Broadcast the news far and wide.
  • Facebook author pages, social networks, blogs. And their upkeep.
  • Book trailers.
  • Press release to the local papers.
  • Magnets. Postcards.
  • Pens and posters with your book cover on it, ready to distribute at book signings.
There is lots to do. But the best part is coming, the cover reveal.

Next week. Be here for the first look at the cover for Wilder Mage. Sincerely—no bias here—it is amazing. 


  1. I'll be here! Need help with the reveal or do you want us to run with it after you reveal it?
    Magnets might be cool. Posters are definitely cool!

  2. Looking forward to the cover reveal.


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