Monday, July 29, 2013

Making an Author’s Page on Facebook, GoodReads, and More

There is so much to do and so little time. Look at the ticker on the left and you’ll see what I mean.

Now maybe 31 days seems like a lot. But Holy Cats in a Cradle, then again, the list of stuff to do is growing.

Author’s Page for Facebook. My FB page was mostly for family and friends. And seldom visited. Now all that has changed.

In addition to my family oriented site, I made a page for my book(s) and writerly stuff at Wilder Mage.

Smashwords, GoodReads. Bios and blurbs and links, Oh My! These are a work in progress. I know they need more time and involvement but Holy Cannoli, I have to sleep sometime.

GoodReads was a labor of love though. Seeing my name there was richly satisfying. Inserting my iconic pic hit some snags though. Still puzzling my way through it.

Manic Readers is new to me, a site for book promotion, authors, and publishers. Go here to see my page.

Twitter is next on my to do list for updates and info.

Google + equals a meh from me. But I am a little more ‘into it’ than before.

Now onto Pinterest and Linkedin. *sigh*
And Amazon, which I haven’t figured out yet. Maybe they don't add books until they are released? 

Any suggestions? Have I missed anything? 


  1. Don't panic about Amazon. When the book is out, you'll be able to make an author page.
    Maniac Readers is new to me.

  2. wow, that's a lot of work. I'm guessing I'll be doing a lot of the same stuff pretty soon. Yikes!

  3. Manic Readers is new to me as well. You've been very, berry busy. And I hear you on that countdown. Every day that ticks by, I know that's one less day of prep for the book I'm hoping to release soon. So continue to use your time wisely. Others, with more knowledge, may have other places for suggestions. But for now, looks like your hitting on all cylinders.

  4. Take a deep breath. It'll all get done. And if it doesn't, well, it'll get done eventually.

  5. Sometimes it does feel overwhelming. There are a few I don't do. I just can't keep up with anything, and I don't expect everyone else to do so. Just do what you're comfortable with. :)

  6. Twitter and Goodreads get me traffic. Smashwords is great because it gets my books into a ton of venues, although the majority of my sales are still via Amazon. My public Facebook page doesn't get much attention. Only 67 followers. Ah well. I agree that Google+ is underwhelming. I just can't care. Never tried Pinterest. A colleague showed it to me and I couldn't generate any enthusiasm. LinkedIn is more of a professional network for me, interacting with other travel writers, historians, etc.
    Never heard of Magic Readers. There are a ton of those kind of sites these days. I'd be interested in reading your assessment after you've been on it a while.
    The important thing is to find what works for you and focus on those venues, while making sure it doesn't suck time away from your writing. The writing must come first.
    Oh, and drop me a line when your book comes out and I'll announce it on my Reader News section.


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