Thursday, October 25, 2012

Let Me ‘Splain

“No, there is too much. Let me sum up.” – Inigo Montoya, The Princess Bride

I had an anniversary (39th) and finally saw The Avengers (excellent) and Dark Shadows (eh). 

Harvest is done as of today. Here in the NW part of Missouri the drought was bad but nothing, nothing like the central and eastern part of the state. Illinois, Kentucky, and Tennessee were even worse. Yields were down by about a third to half what the usual crop is supposed to be. Expect to pay more for everything at the store.

All But.

We started on the renovations that were supposed to be finished by September so that harvest wouldn't interfere. *snarl*

But the new kitchen/family room is done.

My old kitchen became a laundry room/mud room. The bathroom remodeling went well. 

The 'but' is the new bedroom that was once upon a time a laundry room.

We had to 'drop' or knock the ceiling down. That meant more 100 year old dust and 'stuff'. Lots more work.

But we figured better fix it now than have it fall in the middle of the night.

In the coming weeks, I'll review various products and services. I bought several products online such as Select Blinds and Mitsubishi Ductless unit and did a ton of research into everything from how to lay tile to the best kind of countertop.


Our critique group, Unicorn Bell, is composing an anthology set in a world of intrigue and mystery. I completed my part, a short story dealing with assassins and the black arts. It is now in the editing and review stage.

Revisions and Queries? Sad news there since a full manuscript was rejected. Clearly, a ER of that magnitude is more painful than an ER of a query or partial.

But onto the Good News. Two friends begin their blog tours soon, Charity and Sharon Bayliss. Tara Tyler struck it big by signing with Curiosity Quills. Or maybe it’s the other way around :)

A Big Congrats to all.

And if you are contemplating a blog tour for that soon-to-be-published book, check out

To sum up, I'm not gone, not by a long shot. Life has a way of making its demands known. Now that the house crap is nearly done, I heartily echo my hubby's words today:

God forbid we ever add onto the house again.


  1. Hey Huntress! Happy anniversary. New kitchen looks great. The idea of remodeling scares me. And very happy for Tara!

  2. The kitchen looks great. Try not to remember the renovation nightmares while you enjoy it.

  3. love the renovation pics; post more! Sorry about the rejection :(

  4. You get bonus points for quoting Princess Bride! I'm glad you survived the harvest, and sorry it wasn't as high yielding as it could have been.

    The kitchen looks great!

  5. gorgeous kitchen! patience is paying off, right?
    and did you say 39? wowie! congrats!!

    thanks for the shout out & compliment! its wonderful & strange & scary...

    and blog tours need something new. i'm helping charity =) we'll see what i come up with =)
    looking forward to more updates!

  6. Had to click over as soon as I saw the title! Love the Princess Bride reference. :) And the new kitchen looks fantastic.


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