Sunday, October 28, 2012

A Visit From Sandy

By all accounts, weather on the east coast appears to be a doozy. An epic storm; hurricane winds, cold front, and the high tides from a full moon. In the Midwest, the most we’ll see of the system is the clouds blocking the sunrise.

We've had ice storms and tornadoes. One tore through our front yard uprooting a cherry tree and turning a hog shed into a less appealing image of Dorothy’s house. That sow was never the same, btw. 

An ice storm in ’07 left us without power for five days, an experience that started out as board games played in the candlelight to filling water jugs at the local Coop.

I've never experienced a hurricane or nor'easter  So I call on my followers to fill me in with as detailed a description as they care to give; rain, wind, power outages.

Comment below when you can and I’ll keep this post up to date. Or, if you are blogging this experience, leave the link to your post.

Thanks and take care all.


  1. Mostly past us now - we got wind and that was about it.
    Water, batteries, generator... Non-perishable food. Don't run out and buy milk! (People always clear out the milk, which puzzles me. If the power goes out, it won't last long!) If the storm is really bad, be prepared to sleep in your hallway, where you'll spend the night wondering "Was that the roof?"
    Hoping it's not that bad for you!

  2. I live in Norther CA. We've had wind and rain storms we felt were hurricanes. And lots of flooding. We get touch tornado warnings all through the summer. We rarely lose power for more than a few hours, a day at most. Sometimes, earth quakes aren't as scary as all these hurricanes and blizzards that plague the east and gulf coast.

    If my power goes out I'll miss the internet; but I have flashlights, kerosene lamps, and 4 book shelves (and a full Kindle) worth of books to read. What to choose?



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