Monday, August 13, 2012

Query School is In Session

The bell just rang over at Unicorn Bell and the students are taking their seats. Turn off your cell phones and quit passing notes cuz it is time to begin our lessons.

Check out the schedule above and come join us. At the end of this three week course, editors from small publishers will judge your term papers, er, queries and who knows, maybe lightning will strike.

At least it is a chance to improve your writing and craft a great query.

So slip over and check it out. Multiple post per day with one of the worst query examples ever (mine*gag*) on tap for later today.


  1. Replies
    1. Oh, yeah. It's great alright, a great example of how NOT to write a query.

  2. loved your bad query, remind me to tell you about the very worst one I ever sent. I'm so embarrassed. My only consolation is that the agent I sent it to has passed away and can never reveal my shame.

  3. Very cool idea! I'm off to check it out.


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