Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Visualizing Fight Scenes and Critiquing

Want to run a questionable fight scene through the ringer of fellow critters? Go to UnicornBell to submit your problem child for help.

Before I compose a fight scene for my manuscript, I first map out the steps, the action, and the weapons.

And I watch Jackie Chan. A lot.

Videos, movie and competition matches, play a large part in my research. Not so much car chases though since they are mostly *ABC stuff. If you’ve seen one, you’ve seen them all.

But let’s set the record straight. The hands down, best fight sequences, best car chase scenes (IMHO) are in The Bourne Ultimatum. That cop car, coasting down the speed barrier is, well, I could watch it three times, re-wind, and watch it again. Super.

Jackie Chan, Bruce Lee (if you can find his stuff), are two of the best. I slo-mo the action, note the placement of their feet especially and body.

The defensive tactics I learned as a CO is invaluable; where to place the hands, slapping the palm, and turning the thumb just so to release an opponent’s grip.

Use what you have, take martial arts classes, watch videos. All this helps to visualize that fight scene. Then your MC can pop open that can of ass whoopin’.

Again, if you want to run that problem child of a fight scene past like-minded individuals, go to Unicorn Bell and submit 250-300 word excerpt (with a lead-in) to beccoff(at)nwmo(dot)net.

*Already Been Chewed


  1. Someone else who uses movies to inspire and for research!
    And if you want an amazing not ABC car chase, check out the movie Ronin - amazing chase!

  2. I also watch the making of movies I like. The choreographed scenes help! And I read a lot of books with ass whoopin. =)

  3. Watching films does help a lot. Sometimes things happen in my head and they seem right, but they don't work out realistically on paper.

  4. Oh, thank you! Action scenes are my nemesis. Give me an emotional/love scene any day over one. I'm going to bookmark this post. What awesome tips!


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