Monday, September 26, 2011

Dark Shadows

As a kid, I tripped and splattered on the sidewalk, nearly crippling myself. I was running home to watch Dark Shadows after school when the bus let me off late.

Dark Shadows. It was so different, so very hip, the water cooler program of its time, and the one everyone talked about next day. Some of the bloopers were hilarious too.

I have an original, 45-rpm record of Quentin’s Theme. *swoon* Barnaby Collins was my second fave, right after Quentin. He was my first ‘Edward’.

Johnny Depp as Barnaby and director Tim Burton think they can re-make this show. Um. I don’t know.

I like Mr. Burton and Depp but this is one classic TV show that should probably not be defamed, turned into a camp-type production. Re-Made into their ‘vision’.

Depp would have to be one fantastic looking dude/vampire for me to convert. That's him in the middle, looking rather Jonathan Frid-esque. And where is Quentin?

Oh, well.

To all those lovers of Dark Shadows, are you anticipating this movie a) Eagerly b) Suspiciously c) Don’t give a flying fig?


  1. Oh! I hadn't heard this was going to be a remake! Like you, I loved it. My mom didn't let us watch it, but my grandma did (haha), and we got let off the bus after school at her house, and watched it then. :) I LOVE that Quentin's Theme song! Yeah, not sure how the remake will be. Guess we'll have to find out!

  2. First I've heard of it! Gosh, I think I have mixed emotions about it. I loved Dark Shadows, and am naturally suspicious of any attempt to remake it, but...well, Johnny Depp. Oh, the dilemma!

  3. I hadn't heard of this, but I would definitely watch it, if only for the Depp factor. :)

  4. I knew of the show, but never watched it. With those two, the movie will definitely be quirky.

  5. I'll wait to see what rotten tomatoes has to say. I did used to watch that show when i was in, like third grade, and I was completely enthralled by it.

  6. LOL. I can't wait. We lived in the middle of nowhere with no cable. All my friends were in love with that show but I couldn't watch it. Weren't there books to go along with it? I so missed out back then.


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