Monday, January 2, 2017

A New Beginning and the Beginning of the End

The world of the writer seems smaller to me today. Politics intervene in friendships. Publishers fail and kick their authors to the curb. Smarmy writers tell the self-published that they aren’t worthy. Too much going on for someone like me who prefers a quiet life.

And my cat died along with my coffeemaker.

Politics. It isn’t easy for either side. Let’s pray violence doesn’t ensue due to hatred and media pushing their agenda. I hope we can give these next few months a chance without resorting to vitriol and mayhem.

Publishers. If you find a publisher who believes in you AND stays in business, “lucky” doesn’t begin to cut it. I didn't know how great Musa Publishing was until they closed shop. They paid their authors and gave us back our rights, an example of a moralistic company.

All Romance Ebooks is the opposite example. Total creeps. ARe closed its doors with a vibrating slam. How they treated their authors gives all small publishers a bad name. Two days notice and ten cents on the dollar for all those greedy authors.

Read shame shame

Writers Living in Ivory Towers. Self-publishing was my only avenue after Musa. After hearing some of the horror stories from other writers about their publishers, I didn't trust anyone with my books. It's been an okay move. I paid my way with professional editing and a great cover and I am satisfied.

But this established author doesn't believe in self-pub. It's as if she stepped into something foul and wants to scrub it off her shoes before it contaminates her life. The title of the article should clue you in: Self-Publishing: An Insult To the Written Word.

Go. Enjoy. Say a few four-letter words. Then read the comments. Trust me, you'll feel better.

D'Oro. He was fifteen when he died, my cat. 
Yes, I was expecting his demise. No, I didn't think I would react as I did because, well, I was expecting it. 


He was a good cat. The kind that would sit in your lap and purr nonstop.

I buried him in a quiet place and told no one. My family will ask someday, "Hey, what happened to 'D'?" And I'll tell them. 

Until then, I'll be sad and try not to think about him too much.

Time to turn over the calendar and give 2017 a chance. 


  1. Replies
    1. thanks.
      He was a sweetie...and a problem child at times. I have another cat going through health problems now. He's going on nineteen.
      Taking care of geriatric pets/horses sincerely sucks.

  2. That article showed some shockingly smug and ignorant snobbery. Self-publishing has changed the playing field so dramatically there's bound to be pluses and minuses. Yes, there's a load of dross out there to pick through but no call to make blanket assumptions about everyone. And Gough's precious gatekeepers willingly publish anything they believe they can make a profit on. Snooki, anyone?

    Rant over :) Yes, the comments made me feel better.

    So sorry to hear about your cat. We've lost many pets over the years (one of the downsides of having many pets in the first place) and it always hurts.

    1. My heart seized momentarily when i though you were talking about me ("...shockingly smug...") Whew!

      Pet owners go through the good and the bad. At the end of their lives, we wonder if it was worth it. I've heard it's the gift we give back to them. Still not so easy.
      When I arrive at the Rainbow Bridge, I expect I'll be swarmed. Cats, dogs,'s gonna be bedlam.

    2. Oops! Yes, the article you linked to, not your own post. Gah! Should read more carefully before posting...

  3. I'm so sorry about your cat. One of mine was 15 when he died and even though I knew it was coming it didn't make it any easier. Now as my pets get older I sometimes wonder why I put myself through this again and again.
    I can't stand snobbery of any kind. That writer is unbearable.

    Here's to a good 2017 for all of us.

    1. I'll remain optimistic about 2017 and beyond until shown otherwise. For now, I'll be happy if I can remember to write '17 rather than '16.
      We put ourselves through the pain of losing our fur babies because they make us laugh with their antics, soothe anxiety, and crawl into our laps to demand loving. I accept the pain.

  4. I'm so sorry about D'Oro. It's hard to lose a beloved pet no matter whether it's expected or not.

    1. At least he went quickly. Too many times I've had to make the last decision when it came to my horses or a dog.
      Ultimately cats are headstrong to the end. No one can tell them when and where.


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