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IWSG - Sequels, Shimmer, and Syfy

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IWSG. To sequel or not to sequel? That is the question.
Of Adamant and Fire

With a manuscript of a new book series in first edits, I wonder now if I really want to make it into a multiple books. I could tie up the characters and empathize The End to make it hit a wall. Or leave it as it is despite not knowing where it is headed.

It is a quandary.

Shimmer. Matthew Keith has a new book out that dives into the mysteries of the lost colony of Roanoke. 

July, 1587
115 men, women, and children vanished from the Island Colony of Roanoke with no explanation. The only clue left was a single word carved into a post on the fence surrounding the village: “CROATOAN”.

This is their story, and the story of the family who was the cause of the colony's downfall.

Shimmer follows Alexander Croatoan, the modern-day descendant of a man whose brilliance undid an entire community, as well as his family for generations after.

Movies and TV. Dominion on SyFy channel starts its second season on July 9th. It has an interesting yet disturbing

God vanishes and in his absence the archangel Gabriel and his army of lower angels wage war against mankind, believing them to be the cause of God's absence. 

Archangel Michael has chosen to side with humanity against Gabriel, living among humans in the fortified city of Vega (once Las Vegas) until the time a prophesied savior appears to save mankind - courtesy Wikipedia.

Gobs of plot holes in this rather cool series and too many clich├ęd tropes. But it is my guilty pleasure of the month.

Since the script could be improved, clearly the hunk-factor is part of the allure. Examples:

Tom Wisdom as Archangel Michael

Carl Beukes as Gabriel

And Christopher Egan—Eragon, Letters to Juliet—as the Chosen One.

Agents. New agents, Rebecca Stead, The Book Group and Lena Yarbrough at InkWell.

Ms. Stead is interested in young adult and childrens. Ms Yarbrough in commercial, literary, and nonfiction.

News in Book World. How can Harper Lee top To Kill a Mockingbird? And who hasn't pre-ordered her second book in fifty-five years, Go Set a Watchman?

Do you like reading series? How about writing multiple books of the same universe. How you seen Dominion and isn't Michael...well, hot?


  1. Haven't watched Dominion.
    After completing my Cassa series, I enjoyed writing a stand alone book. Write your story the way you feel it works best.

  2. I haven't watched Dominion either. Might have to check it out. As for series, I'm still torn. It was much easier to write one book and walk away. Every time I try to work on my series I struggle. Wonder if it's because I'm too close to these characters and since I started with some pretty big conflict it's hard to make the stakes even higher with each passing book? Things are about to hit the roof as they say.

    Good luck deciding what you'll do with your story!

  3. Leave the book as is. Then walk away. You may find a sequel idea popping into your head when you least expect it. Or not. (If it never comes, no worries.)

  4. At least you have a choice of "to sequel or not to sequel." Most authors I know have books that don't do well enough for them to write a sequel. Good luck if you decide to! Congrats to Matthew Keith on his ew release!

  5. wow - lots up with you!
    yes sequel - it brings more readers, but only if you have it in you.
    dominion, mmm! and the cast looks like it would do well in christine rains's books...
    and thanks for the agent recs!
    this was a nice catch up - hope all is well with you =)
    happy summer! (ps just watched interstellar and your picture of the field on fb reminded me of it!)

  6. I do enjoy reading series, but usually when I write a book, I know if I'm going to write more. I had no idea about that new show coming on SyFy. Must watch it! :)

  7. I'm of two minds on this. YA stories, which are usually fantastical and fun, should absolutely branch off into series. There's so much ground to cover and so much joy to be had covering it. That being said, sometimes you've said what you need to say and can only detract from a work's value by trying to draw more out of it. That, to me, seems more true of literary fiction.


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