Thursday, February 19, 2015

Plucking Nose Hairs

Or, ain't marketing fun.

I am not good at this stuff called marketing. Grandstanding is as foreign to me as sailing a boat on the ocean. And since I’ve never been on the ocean, that’s like saying vacationing on Mars is my next goal.

But here I am, writing books and waving my arms and yelling, hey! Look at me.


Today Wilder Mage goes on-sale for $1.99 at all markets, including Amazon. Out of Magic, the prequel to The Magic Withheld series is free. And if you like all of the above, Mage Revealed is beckoning you on with a decent price of $4.99.

So have at it. Check out my series, and I’ll blow out my cheeks knowing this round of tooting my own horn is done. For now.

 Oh, the agony an introvert goes through.


  1. Never fun, but you have to do it! I'll help.

  2. This is on my next reading list. Or is it next after the next. See why I don't have a book to promote?

  3. LOL You are funny - and at least you have a sense of humor about this dreaded thing we call promotion. Wishing you many book sales!!


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