Monday, January 5, 2015

How Did I Miss These?

Call me secluded...or plain clueless, but I tend to miss the trends until they’re over.

It wasn’t until Galaxy Quest came to the network that I came, I saw, I wallowed in it like a cat in catnip. And those lines. Most of the bloggers in my sphere can fill in this quote: “I have one job on this lousy ship. It’s – but I’m gonna do it.”

The Avengers. I didn’t believe the hype and the box office numbers. The Hulk was never one of my favorites and didn’t it have that green critter in it? Blech. Surely it isn’t any good. Boy, Howdy, was I ever wrong. I've watched it on my Amazon Prime more times than I can count. 

And The Hulk? One of the best quotes, “That’s my secret, Captain. I’m always angry.”

Best scene:
Loki: “Enough! You are, all of you are beneath me! I am a god, you dull creature, and I will not be bullied by...”
[Hulk flattens Loki with repeated smashes into the floor]
The Hulk: “Puny god.”

Guardians of the Galaxy. Sure, I’d heard about it. Yes, I had the example of The Avengers so why didn’t I believe all the hoopla? Beats me. Rocket the raccoon seemed, er, stupid. All I can say is I Am An Idiot.

How to Train Your Dragon 2. I thought this sounded good but yanno, sequels sometimes disappoint so I was a bit leery. Then I rented the movie and Holy Talking Cats, this is one to watch through the end, rinse and repeat. Several times over.

And speaking of which...The Sorcerer’s Apprentice. Yep, this has been around for a while but I didn’t see it until December. Funny, cool, and I love Jay Baruchel. Every time he’d speak, I pictured Hiccup.

In the book arena:
The Farseer Trilogy by Robin Hobb. It starts with Assassin’s Apprentice and continues through several storylines. Amazing stuff. Can’t wait for book two in the new series by her.

On TV:
It took until January 2013 and a marathon for me to discover The Walking Dead. By then, it was in its third season. Can’t live without it now. Even the hubby is coming around, LOL.

There are other examples that I tried and didn’t quite make the connection. TV shows like Breaking Bad, Homeland, and Game of Thrones. True Blood wandered into the weeds and I lost interest.

Books like The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo and Anne Rice’s The Vampire Chronicles. They didn’t trip my trigger.

Who knows? Maybe I’ll come around to Lestat someday. In fact, after seeing the book cover, maybe about right now.


  1. I chuckled all the way through this! I can only picture Hiccup when Jay speaks as well.
    And the answer is stupid.

  2. I'm always late to every party. I didn't start watching The Walking Dead until this past September. Now I'm totally obsessed.
    Glad I'm not the only person in the world who didn't love the Girl With the Dragon Tattoo.

    1. I about fell on my knees after the last episode.

  3. You've got to give Lestat a chance! LOL. I love Anne Rice but I will admit those books are a lot to get through. I refuse to watch The Walking Dead no matter how many people tell me I have to. I just can't do zombies.

    1. I know exactly what you're talking about when it comes to zombies. Me Either!! But the storyline and the characters of that show...holy cats, totally captivating.

  4. I love The Walking Dead, which is interesting, I think, because I don't like zombies. I watch certain episodes through cracks in my fingers, but the show is so good that I have to watch however I can.

    Your favorite scene in The Avengers is my favorite scene, too.

    1. I started out watching it through my fingers. Now I can eat popcorn without turning away, LOL

  5. Some of these I am late to as well. Still haven't seen The Walking Dead. I got on board The Avengers boat early but missed it when Guardians came out. I didn't know how they could make How to Train your Dragon better but they did, and I loved it.

    So you are not alone in discovering some awesome stuff later in the game. I'm trailing terribly behind you :-)

    1. I doubt you are trailing. Especially when it comes to TV shows. There isn't a lot I watch. Can't stand reality shows for instance.

  6. I'm late to the party on many of these as well. I haven't seen Guardians, but I plan to. I don't get out the movie theater anymore.

    1. I'm seeing American Sniper this month. Before Man 3? Maybe? Almost two years ago?

  7. Excellent films! All of them! So good!

  8. I've become a bit jaded by effects films. I wasn't overwhelmed by The Avengers though it certainly wasn't bad, but not on my favorites list. I've started preferring films with better stories, good dialogue, and well-developed characters that I can care about. Maybe if films weren't hyped so much I'd be caught off guard and appreciate them more.

    Tossing It Out


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