Monday, December 2, 2013

Books, Musa Publishing, and Cyber Sale Monday

Today marks the beginning of Musa Publishing's Thirteen Days of Christmas. Starting with a Sale!

All books are 50% off.

Free reads also. Short stories by Musa's authors begin today.

Tuesday, December 3rd is the release date of my short story, Out of Magic. I'll post the link when it becomes available.

Blurb. Sable Rounds has every basic need a seventeen-year-old girl could want. Shelter, food, and an education. She is safe. Clean. Provided for. Nothing is missing. Except parental affection.

Her parents’ attitude changes on the day she speaks to a whirlwind. And it answers.

Now they pay attention to her. They were only waiting for her magic. And the end of their obligation to raise her.

Excerpt. “Magic,” a voice said.

A woman stood on the edge of the pasture opposite the tree. With sleek black hair and just-applied makeup, she belonged in Vogue magazine. It was as if she’d dropped out of nowhere and had not just hiked across the field. I simply stared and didn't answer.

“Magic,” she repeated. “You feel another mage. That is why your skin shivers with energy.”

Shivering? More like skin crawling. The way she was looking at me made me want to look for spiders skittering all over my body.

Spiders with great hairy legs and snapping pincers.

Stock up on books (you know you want to) and grab a free read for the next thirteen days.

Out of Magic comes out tomorrow! 

*double arm pump*


  1. I thoroughly enjoyed that excerpt. Hoping all is going well in your neck of the woods :-)

  2. Congrats with the story - and wishing you much success :)

    PS... loved the Midwestern "call to arms" for the 50 States of Pray event :)


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