Friday, May 17, 2013

Is there a 12-Step Program for Trekkers?

Don’t call me a trekkie. Those ppl are nuts.

Please note that I am a trekker, spelled with an ‘e’ and 'r'.

We trekkers love worship enjoy the Star Trek world created by Gene Roddenberry but it doesn’t take over our lives. We don’t dress in weird costumes and shave our eyebrows.

Oh, no we are quite logical.

This weekend is the big opening for JJ Abrams vision for this franchise, Star Trek, Into the Darkness. If it is anything like the first movie he made, Holy Talking Cats, I’ll be jumping out of my chair at the theater.

I admit, I lost interest in the TV series when it hired a chick for the captain’s chair. Not a fan of whats-her-name anyway but Kirk she was not. And Scott whozit? I like him but…meh.

Then I heard of this director who wasn’t all that familiar with the TV drama or the movies and thought, “Well, boy howdy, that ain’t gonna work out well.”

Then I dragged my hubby to the movie and…

I mean, WOW.

JJ Abrams made a film that I could sit through then watch all over again. Several times probably but I’d have a revolt on my hands if I tested that theory. *crabby hubby*

What blows my mind is that Abrams is also directing the Star Wars sequel as well. 


I've been told to see the new film soon because the surprises will become public so I am going this Sunday.

So how do you swing? Star Trek? Or Star Wars? And do you dress in outlandish clothes as an Ewok or Vulcan?


  1. I swing both ways. ;)

    Hubs and I are going to see the new Star Trek tomorrow--can't wait!

  2. Star Trek!!
    I liked all of the series, and like Voyager more once I watched it again on NetFlix.
    Saw Into Darkness today - even better than the first!

  3. I like Star Wars, but only the original trilogy. (We'll see how they handle the sequels coming.)

    I like Star Trek, but mostly TOS. TNG is ok, DS9 was pretty good. The Star Trek reboot was also pretty good, but for me no one can compare to Shattner as Kirk or Nimoy as Spock. Those characters made the show. What I am looking forward to is Star Trek Continues. (Though I will see Star Trek Into Darkness as soon as I can arrange babysitting.)

    In my opinion, however, comparing the two is like comparing apples and oranges. The only things they really have in common are spaceships and the word "star" in their names. Other than that, they're completely different in storytelling style and aesthetics.

  4. I love Star Trek in all it's incarnations although the one with Scott Bakula is my least favorite (truthfully, I don't care for it much) but asking me to choose between Star Wars and Star Trek...can't do it.

    I'm hoping to see Into Darkness soon, maybe not this weekend but hopefully next :)

  5. I still haven't seen the reboot. I meant to. Heard it was good. But it passed me by entirely.


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