Wednesday, March 20, 2013

The Greystone Series and Alex Verus

Two book series. Two different authors. Great reading in different genres. 

Taylor Longford writes YA and Benedict Jacko’s world is in urban fantasy. Both authors gave me fantastic writing, suspenseful storylines, and sleepless nights of reading until two AM.

Ms. Longford continues her Greystone saga with Dare, a tale of gargoyles and their introduction to the modern life of TVs and the internet.

Enclosed in a British building, turned to stone, and unable to reach sunlight to return to their normal selves, the gargoyle brothers are discovered and sent to Colorado. Valor is the first gargoyle to touch sunlight and becomes a living, breathing young man who falls for a modern teenager.
When his brothers arrive in their stone form, they also transform and follow Valor’s transition from the days of horse and buggy to cell phones, computers, and EBay.

Valor’s brother Dare continues this storyline. His past dogs his footsteps after a severe injury curtails his existence as a gargoyle. Without any expectation of healing, Dare isn't optimist about modern life. But he finds a soul mate who thinks differently and the journey to recovery is remarkable.

Reason’s story begins after he saves a young woman from drowning. He returns to his brothers in Colorado but the young woman isn't so easy to lose. She follows him to discover who – and what – he is.

The Greystone series is a surprising treat. Well-written and always surprising, it is a page-turner. Don’t pass up this author and books.

A big Thumbs Up.


Fated by Benedict Jacka begins the saga of Alex Verus, a mage diviner living in modern Britain. His past comes knocking at his door and soon he is tossed into a jumbled mess of quests and magic.

If you like Kevin Hearne’s early books or my personal writing god, Jim Butcher (seriously, I burn incense and sacrifice small animals by his photo), you’ll love Benedict Jacka.

Cursed and Taken follows this book with the release of Chosen in August.

Don't miss this series.

Two great storylines. Two great genres. Check them out for a cool week's worth of reading.

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