Thursday, January 10, 2013

Book Review, A Memory of Light

Prepare yourself. After so long a wait, so many pages read, you’ll want the journey to continue.
For me, The Wheel of Time began in 1991. The first three volumes are crinkled and stained from much love. Now, with the last book, one emotion overwhelms me:  

I haven’t read a series-ending book that gave me such satisfaction as A Memory of Light. It tied the threads of stories together neatly, gave me the kind of drama and tension that moved me to tears. The battle between Darkness and Light was as epic as the parting of the Red Sea, climatic, thorough, and majestic.

Yes, majestic.

I walked beside Perrin, threw the dice with Mat, and gasped as Rand fought the Dark One. The images created by Brandon Sanderson using Robert Jordan’s notes are branded in my consciousness. The battle scenes, balefire cast, Rand’s choices, Egwene’s decisions, the unsung heroes; all contributed to the ‘heart in my throat’ feeling.

There is life and death, winners and the injured that the Aes Sedai cannot heal. I sorrowed and sometimes startled my hubby with shouts of ‘Good for you’.
And then the last page and Mr. Jordan’s endless wind dropped me.

I wanted it never to end.
To the critics of Mr. Jordan’s widow, who initially decided not to publish this book in Ereader form, IMO, to read this epic story in any other way than paper and glue is a travesty.


  1. No you can go back and re-read them all!

  2. Hmm, maybe now that the set is complete I'll start at the beginning :)

  3. Okay, I kind of skimmed this because I haven't read it yet. But YES to all the epic-love for WOT! :)

  4. I never read the Wheel of Time, but honestly, I'm already caught up in George R.R. Martin's books (which are titanically huge), and I just can't see myself committing to read a 14 book series (even larger than George's).

    The whole thing seemed like a money grab to me, to be honest.


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