Sunday, June 17, 2012

The Music of My Youth

Songs Sunday

Whether it’s stepping on the treadmill or re-finishing a wood table, the right kind of music gets me going.

Nickelback is good for those times. Adam Lambert, Finger Eleven, and Shinedown are fine choices also.

For writing, ES Posthumus or the soundtrack from Harry Potter.

But today I am talking retro, the music from my youth.

Beach Boys.

This fabulous band has a new (Yes. I. Said. NEW) album out called That’s Why God Made the Radio.

The soft sounds and interwoven melodies that Brian Wilson and Mike Love put together in this album remind me of why they owned the sixties.

Now, fifty years later, they rule the radio waves again. Or, in this case, my mp3.

Maybe you didn’t listen to Surfer Girl on the loudspeakers at the swimming pool. Or hear Good Vibrations for the first time on a transistor radio.

But if intricate melodies and smooth voices that flow like warm honey are what you love, check out the Beach Boys.


  1. Love the Beach Boys. And yes, their music brings back the days of constant sunshine and glowing cheeks. With so many different bands around nowdays, will the youth of today remember all the songs with such joy?

  2. I knew there was a reason we got along so well. Love almost every band you mentioned, plan to look up the others because I haven't heard them.

    As for the Beach Boys, even my generation sang their songs in the hallways of my high school when we were in a good mood. (Read that as three of my favorite guys walking down the hall singing Kokomo after setting off a stink bomb)

    Will definitely check out the new album.

  3. I usually don't write and listen to music at the same time. It interferes with my thoughts. Not always, but enough so that I generally work in silence. oh well.

  4. Congrats on the Versatile blog award, it's lovely to meet you :).

  5. Beach Boys. Yeah. Pretty much grew up on that, each time we drove to the beach. Funny how the love of my life is not a California girl. :)


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