Sunday, January 2, 2011

"Missed a Spot," my spouse said.

Suggestions can be helpful, annoying, or downright nasty. I put the hubby’s statement in the second category. It does nothing to aid, lends no muscle to the project, and usually results in the speaker’s early demise. (Actually, he is recovering quite nicely)
In the writerly world, examples of helpful suggestions come from many blogs, more than I can name. A few of them (in no particular order) are as follows:
These bloggers and websites give their time, talent, and expertise to aid their fellow writers, a form of ‘pay it forward’. Has there ever been a community like this, generously giving of themselves without thought of recompense? Truly, it stirs my soul to see how special this writerly society is.
The last category unfortunately shadows the ‘good uns’. They are the wannabe-writers, crabby that they haven’t acquired an agent or book deal in the month since they completed their novel. They lash out in the comment sections of QT, AQ, and blogger sites. Mostly, they hurt themselves, but paint all of us with the same venom-spattered brush.  
With the grouchy writers, I place the ones who mock and belittle. These are the ones who have ‘made it’, authors, agents, editors, and others. They are like the clique of popular kids in school, looking down their collective noses at the ones who lack what they imagine as status similar to theirs. Examples of this behavior include poking fun at the crash and burn queries (Query Shark is an example of HELPFUL not nasty), books they deem subhuman (mention Twilight and they froth at the mouth), and the people who disagree with their opinions.
For myself, I applaud the first category, laugh at the second, and ignore the last.
Whatcha think?


  1. I adore Grammar Girl, Literary Rambles, and Bookshelf Muse. And looks like you introduced me to a few more "good uns". :) Thanks!

  2. Thanks for the list of awesome bloggers, I already follow a few, but I'll have to check the others out.

    New follower...

  3. Great point--some new links to check out, yay! I'd add another category, perhaps a sub-category of the first--the commiseration blogs, the ones from people who, like me, are working toward publication. Sometimes the suggestions are good advice, sure, but mostly I read for a sense of camaraderie :)

    Ugh--agreed, there is no reason for the public tantrums of category two or the belittling attitudes of category three!


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